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The blatant feminist induced and hypocritical "White Ribbon Day" just enforces the bias and privilege that feminists promote for women only. In their purview, women are never ever violent and they adhere to that like it's some life threatening condition to say otherwise. The entire sexist implication is there also let's solely blame all men for being abusive and let's just demonstrate that only women are ever the victims..

What a total and complete farce this attitude and thinking projects and promotes. This attitude alone, and it's soundly promoted by all manner of wimps, white knights and manginas, without so much as asking the appropriate question. Since when have people (male AND females) Not been abusing the crap out of each other. Take a long hard look at the endless abuse dished out by lesbians to their "female" partners and just incase you are not aware that lesbian relationship consists of two "women" and their history of abuse exceeds by a country mile any effort by heterosexuals and here they are on WRD claiming that only women are victims and only men are responsible..

Cognitive dissonance does not go within a bulls roar of describing that level of ignorance, stupidity or bias. It's sickening to watch and to listen to these sycophants who on an almost daily basis, lay all blame on one half of the population while ignoring the abusive behaviour of the other..

Give me a break..

sam de brito
All Men are LiarsSam de Brito takes the pulse of Aussie manhood
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 While you are at it, you may want to express your own opinion on this feminist wimp as well..

For a peak at obvious wimps, white knight and manginas, have a look here..

For an explanation of what can happen when you "Do the right thing" have a look at this before you decide to be the hero. Bear in mind that a female would not in a million years come to your aid in the same way..
I don't think there's any one answer because it depends on the situation. It could be anything from grabbing a weapon off someone (knife, broken glass etc) to tackling them to stop a punch or a kick, to getting in between two people, to just yelling to get their attention and then trying to settle them down. So there might be many answers, or none.
Word of warning though, I have seen this happen in person and heard it many times in court - someone, whether police or civilian, steps in to protect a woman and suddenly has the woman turn violent on them as well, "it's none of your ****** business" etc. So, just keep that in mind, potential Sir Galahads