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Those principals can be measured right here..
So we had the debate we had to have with neither side capitulating to the other, it was not what the discussion was about. It cleared the air. We are now both more aware of the opinions and actions of the other and that goes a long way to strengthening bonds and carrying out positive discussions rather than deciding that we have our little niche and you have yours and never the twain shall meet.

In the end it worked out rather well but there will always be contentious people who will just not agree for the sake of not agreeing which is fine by me.  It is their issue to deal with, not mine. The general consensus was to lay out our own grievances and that was done, completed and now we move on..

I think that we should have the same discussion with the gay community to see precisely where they stand in the MM, as we are continuously lied to by feminists who claim direct and open access while at the same time secretly loathing all gays because they are men. We need to get them onside and we need to know where they stand on our issues. We already have quite a few gay MRA's in the pen, so to speak and that can and should grow exponentially as the MM expands..

As I have previously stated and I still believe it to be correct, the PUA fraternity in it's proper form, should advise men for their protection and betterment, which should now become the standard method of communicating in articles and instilling advice in regards to the opposite sex. It should benefit all players/non-players alike, rather than purely chasing skirt. I still maintain that they have the inside running on the behaviour of women and all their foibles. This advice can be noticed by yet another article from Heartiste, where once again we have an insight into the female psyche that we would preferably like to ignore or leave alone, as we really, really do not want to discover precisely how that knowledge will pan out. Sometimes ignorance is better than knowing the truth. Occasionally we search for information only to find that we preferred not to know what we learnt.  Again, thank goodness the stated behaviour does not apply totally across the board to all females as this was a lesson that I had to learn as well. There are always exceptions..

It is also irrelevant where the information comes from when it's backed up with facts as well as theory. We thrive on these brain games that permits us to pursue avenues that we have not considered before..

Women Are Less Principled Than Men

by Heartiste

Do women have an underdeveloped sense of justice? Is the adherence to principles primarily the domain of men?
Anecdotal evidence would suggest both the above propositions are true. Certainly, Chateau field marshals have previously turned their awesome powers of observation to the task of illuminating the wide gulf between the sexes in how they understand and apply the notion of fairness. For instance, in this Chateau post from long ago it was noted that women’s sense of justice flows from a refined but wholly self-interested pragmatism.
Women as a whole are more coldly calculating than men, and the worst of them can challenge the top 1% of sociopathic alpha males for deceitfulness and cavalier betrayal. It is the prerogative of women that practical concerns, and how to achieve them, dominate their thinking and catalyze their emotions. They are the ones stuck with nine month pregnancies. Morality was codified by men; amorality perfected by women. And no one is more versed in justifying and rationalizing their own shitty behavior than a woman.

I found that this was the case whenever I pursued that avenue. It explained how feminists could and did spread their poison to gullible women who were always seeking ways to further their own emotive fixations. Look for the "Victims" was the catch cry, the spin sisters in New York had in the 1990's, they specialised in and promoted only to find that they later regretted doing so, when the damage was already done. Women love victimology, it's their emotional mainstay, it brings them their necessary emotive fix akin to the next hit of smack, coke or name some other poison.

And in this Chateau post, it was boldly stated that women’s morality is geared toward the welfare of the social collective regardless of first principles, and that the beliefs of the most popular in status and numbers often become the beliefs of women who, as is the whim of their historically vulnerable sex, fear exclusion from the group more than anything else, except carrying the seed of a beta male.
[W]omen by nature are followers, and where the pack goes, so go they. Women self-govern by a simple (simplistic) motto: “It’s all in the numbers.” Once a tipping popularity point is reached, women will abandon their old principles for the new principles with a speed that will prove the shallowness and expediency with which they hold their beliefs.
But to date, little science has been done to examine the evidence for the Chateau and common man wisdom that men and women hold different moral values. Until recently.
The scientific literature is accumulating that points to fundamental sex differences in morality.
• Some studies show that women are more empathetic then men, and that this difference increases over child development (for example, there’s a nice study showing this trend in Spain by MarĂ­a Mestre and collaborators).
It would be remiss of me to not point you to the philosophers of old, let alone other books of great renown and importance like the religious manuscripts across all the religion that go out of their way to warn men about the female behavioural patterns and how easy it is for them to swap sides, so to speak. We have witnessed and wondered about how easy that major effort comes so effortlessly to that sex as it has always been incomprehensible to me and you alike. One prime example would be when a female (who has sworn that you are the undying result of their affection, for life) can without so much as an apology or an ounce of regret,  leave that relationship and move straight into another one the following day. This has never happened to myself but I have witnessed it often enough to be appalled by it and have also supported the guys who, as a result were devastated, without even given a proper explanation.

 This is evidence that group cohesion informs women's morality more than it does men's morality. If someone is distressed in the group, it will be more empathetic women who tend to that person's gripes. This is a good thing when the group is the nuclear family; you want a wife and mother who will defend your family, right or wrong. It's a bad thing when the group -- such as the society in which women live -- is exploited by bad people who can convincingly project a victim mentality and, thus, hijack women's empathy compulsions.
• When looking at pictures of immoral acts, women's judgments of severity correlate with higher levels of activation in emotion centers of the brain, suggesting concern for victims, whereas men show higher activation in areas that might involve the deployment of principles(Carla Harenski and collaborators).
Feminists were quite aware of this behaviour in women and they already knew that all they had to do was to promote the victimology that women have always wallowed in and apply that to all things male, including boys, and they would follow lockstep without justification and follow their group-think mentality because it was the assumed situation. Gives a new meaning to sheeple, does it not..

Now did we really want to know about all that. Well, not really..

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