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To state that churches and it's leaders have been catering to feminism is not anything that can be disputed or denied. Feminists have determinedly crashed churches and rendered them useless by applying their unworkable and distorted interpretations on all things religious, to such an extent that those mainstays of families and tradition have been made totally useless and irrelevant. Feminists have even designed and erected their own interpretation of those churches, just so they could implant female office holders as well as apply their own redesigned female bible versions. So their poison has been injected and now we can sit back and watch them all go belly up as men avoid attending those havens of estrogen with their mindless "It's All Men's Fault" mentality being sprouted at every opportunity and from every pulpit..

In order to destroy those churches, it required the backing of it's leaders and slowly but surely, got it. At least it halved the journey of going to hell and back..

The Backlash Against Feminism
Feminists have complained for years of a growing backlash against it. Someone even wrote a book about it, alleging that there is (or was) "an undeclared war against American women". But, now that American feminism has gone from strength to strength and has just about won that war, a phony war to the extent that anyone but feminists ever waged it, the real backlash has begun.
Dalrock lays it all out in a compelling post: 40 years of ultimatums. His belief is that feminists and social conservatives have made a tacit agreement amounting to "you hold him down while I rob him".
The backlash is that men are starting to catch on to the fact that marriage is a bad deal for them. For the purposes of this post, let's set aside the notion that half of all marriages end in divorce, with the subsequent pillage of the man's assets, children, dignity, and happiness, because the argument always comes up that smart, upper middle class types have a low rate of divorce. (Even though we should be concerned about what this does to society, even if we ourselves go through marriage unscathed.)
The real scandal would appear to be that women are encouraged to engage in promiscuous sex before marriage, to put education and career ahead of marriage, and to treat their men like crap, all of these being celebrated by contemporary feminism. As Dalrock shows, many Christian leaders and social conservatives have nothing to say against all of this.
Most conservatives just haven't understood this, mostly in my opinion out of willful ignorance, and we're regularly treated to columns by the likes of Kay Hymowitz and William Bennett telling young men that they need to "man up", do "the right thing", and marry. Conservatives through the years have generally offered only the most token opposition to feminism, said opposition appearing to be nil these days. (This is one factor in the emergence of an alternative right.)
Factor in divorce rape of men, the huge number of overweight women, the declining earnings opportunity of men, the sexually used nature of many women of marriageable age, and you've got men losing interest, despite the fact that surveys report that men actually want and value marriage more than women.
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