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Common sense is not part of the cognitive dissonance that feminists indulge in. It is better for a feminist to live a lie than to find the truth. The ETC site where the questioner came from in the AVfM article, is not and cannot be deemed to have any level of journalistic credibility, as I will demonstrate..

Any site that runs an article on male feminists and argues that feminism is about "equality" of the sexes, is way past reality. This is from the same country (Sweden) where feminism is hailed as the future from it's halls of justice and it's people's assembly. A country so steeped in that hate movement that any other level of thought or counter argument would be considered a heresy..

Let me show you what this Swedish site (via Google translator), these pretend males promote..

Martin Halldin from ETC..
An anecdote from the turn of the millennium: When I studied gender studies 1999-2000, we were three guys in a group of maybe 25 and it seemed so to me we got to the Aftonbladet under the heading "Sure, guys can be feminists."

Original Text:
En anekdot från millennieskiftet: När jag pluggade genusvetenskap 1999-2000 var vi tre killar i en grupp på kanske 25 och det föll sig som så att just vi fick vara med i Aftonbladet under rubriken ”Visst kan killar vara feminister”

This sorry and saddened example of manhood makes the claim that.... " On the other hand: What if we could actually inspire some men to think more on gender and gender issues?"

There we go, he is not a total moron as he actually worked that out. But he has plenty of justification for his behaviour as he has spent plenty of time (2 years) studying his brain-numbing sociopathic doctrine and still fails to comprehend what a hate movement it must be if it can generate women who actually shoot a man in cold blood and then lick that blood off his head is funny, it's even orgasmic. What level of cognitive dissonance does one have to possess to justify that level of hate in order to continue on his interpretation of feminism, where he states that

"On the one hand: Why should we take for us the honor and attention to decades of feminist work mostly done by women?" ...  Once again, my incredulity fails me..

His training is complete..

That site is the one and the same who questioned the AVfM principal, on it's need to put forward a reward of $1000 for the names and identity of those people involved in that bloodbath video on Youtube plus the identity of those people who promoted and produced this misandric piece of hate..

One can already gauge the response and I would say it will not be positive. How could a site/newspaper that promotes this level of hate, pretends that feminism is anything else but a hate movement and then queries a site for wanting more information on an act that would be illegal in most other countries in the world..
Some questions from Sweden
Late last night/early this morning I was contacted by Eigil Söderin, the editor of the Swedish newspaper ETC. The purpose of Söderin’s contact was to ask interview questions about recent activism from AVfM that centered on a controversial Swedish video which depicted a group of young women murdering an innocent man and celebrating their actions with dance and orgasmic joy.
The questions were relevant, if a little superficial, so I thought they deserved to be answered. As I don’t know when the interview will be published, or under what editorial “flavor,” I thought it best to share the unedited questions and answers here with AVfM readers.
Why is A Voice For Men is offering a bounty of 1000 dollars for the confirmed identity of one or more of the individuals in the video?
Because the video is advocating murder.
In the commentary field of your blog the infioramtion[sic] of the people behind the video is now posted. What are you going to do with the information?
We will continue to gather as much more information as possible, and once the information is confirmed, we will then write articles profiling each of these individuals for public view and disseminate that information to as many people as possible, particularly targeting Swedish readers where possible.
Are you advocating violence against these people?
No, it is the individuals in the video who are advocating violence.

Link to AVfM on the rest of the article..