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Natasha Walker has an Epiphany..

Natasha Walter
but I didn't realise there were so many people reading my journalism who felt so strongly and personally antagonistic towards feminism and female writers."
Here we have another naysayer like Laurie Penny (lying feminist and imitation journalist) who appears to be somewhat taken aback by people actually disliking the "F" word plus stating an aversion to it's enablers. It has always amazed me how feminists live so deep inside their own manufactured bubble that they are completely astounded to find out the bleeding obvious, when they finally surface in the real world. One does not have to state much these days on the web, in any article, in order to get the occasional lunatic, I have plenty of them in my trash bin, where they belong but I am hardly going to curl up in the corner and sulk just because someone has an ardent desire to demonstrate they have not taken their meds. It's life and it's the way it goes. Walk through any city and you will be confronted or you will witness their actions without fail. But with feminists, who are apparently a lot more sensitive than normal people, find their response to be closer to an apoplexy rather than taking the typical response of "so what", one expects that type of behaviour and it's not solely aimed at the femininastie movement but I can understand why it does. It is also for this reason why there is a delete button...

Meanwhile, editors of sites such as "the Guardian" are quite happy to erase any comments that are not feminist friendly in the fear that the general public may actually find out the truth. It's akin to Pravda of the old days, if it's feminism, it must be and has to be projected as being "good" for all..

In this day and age, the feminist experiment has affected a lot more people and by doing so, screwed up a lot more lives as members of both sexes line up to ensure feminists fully comprehend that unadulterated loathing people generally have against a doctrine that is not only experimental but has not even been studied or subjected to analysis or possible outcomes, never tested for it's detrimental effect against society, it is all just assumed. Yet the experiment continues, just like it did in Europe all those years back, complete with false promises and accompanied lies and misinformation. It's akin to some lunatic nation in the past who wanted to produce the perfect athlete and dosed them up with so many drugs that the outcome was nowhere near what they expected. Feminism on the other hand requires no drug, just a level of stupidity, ignorance and an ability to denounce one's normal human behaviour..

But onwards they trek and scream they do. Life according to them is just so unfair. Why are people not loving us as all, what we are really doing is totally changing their lives and restructuring their sex without any consideration to that outcome or even bothering to ask them if they wanted that in the first place. I mean, really, what is there not to like about a feminist ?

I will leave you to fill out the obvious response to the question but meanwhile, as feminist wallow in their own level of stupidity, they have gathered together and decided that it's only the poor "victim queens" who are being abused and denigrated. It's always about the "women" have you noticed, always. One would have to remind them that feminised manginas (male enablers for female supremacy) do actually have their own award, well here they do, but ofcourse that is not part on their mindset for as far as they are concerned, they really don't exist at all..