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10. “Not muddying, clarifying: towards understanding the boundaries between fiction and non-fiction.”Text, vol 14, no 2. “A” journal.
The above quotation was part of someone's PhD effort, where they explained the differing methods used by journalists when deciding how to present their spiel. This particular person wrote for the Age newspaper, the article may have been better written on a poster and displayed at one of those OWS free camp-a-thons..

I was of the opinion when I came across this quote, they were referring to the feminist movement and their attempts at muddying the truth with their gregarious versions. One has to wonder how many differing variations there are in that Hegemony. Every time you read another opinion piece or article or comment from one of those feminist commentators like Valenti or Marcotte for example, they rarely agree, there is always varying interpretations of doctrine and dogma but they never justify their hyperventilations and neither do they ever debate their differences. The assumption appears to be that each individual feminist has an opinion they have derived from the deconstructionist poison they have been exposed to and quite simply concocted their own version from that and spread it like manure on some unsuspecting but willing neophytes, who will generally accept their versions, as long as the minor mantras are covered..

Why has there never been any public debate over the "feminist" doctrine. Why has society never debated or discussed in public any of their, all intrusive and invasive interference, in Law and  Education. How have feminist been able to manipulate politicians and Judges to do their bidding. These issues are never exposed or discovered as they have been exposed in the AGW charade via the release of thousands of emails. How come we have never seen any correspondence from feminist leaders to minions or leaders to their shock troops. Why has all that information been protected and hidden when it would be in the public's best interest to see exposed, to explain how they went about their nefarious deeds..

All their actions were hidden from public scrutiny and there must be millions of emails and communication's data available somewhere. We need to pursue that avenue to assess and expose them for what they really are. We need that information to reduce their impact and demonstrate to the public what their future intentions are, as well as what their long term goals will be. We can guess but it would be better to have something in writing..

As we witness the increase of the promotion of violence and total disregard for all men and boys, we need to be able to expose those people at the top. The manipulators and leaders because at this point in time there are no identifiable feminists who we can point to in order to hold them accountable for the damage they have inflicted on society..

Who are the main leaders and spinners, what are their names and where do they work and live. That is the greatest question at this point in time..