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Between Misandry and Misogyny

 What on earth is misogynist about calling all the fucking cunts who accuse men of rape of being goddamn lying bitches?
It’s a simple question, but does this simple question infuriate you? If you are a misogynist then probably not.
 Another great article from AVfM,  We do continually have to endure those false claims of misogyny, by merely telling the bleeding truth about the actions and irrational comments that feminists make on regurlar occasions. As this article points out, the favourite femmie-word is dragged out even when any unitentional comment is perceived or impugned to be offensive. Even the "make me a sammich" joke gets a foot in, being caste into that same realm which ofcourse covers everything and anything you may mention about a member of the opposite sex or the ever touchy child like feminist mentality. They are offended by being offended..

This above comment by Jared is my favourite part and it's stated by a winner of our much coveted "Mangina Awards" trophy. One's action must be sufficiently CD, in order to be included..
"Cognitive dissonance is the mental conflict that people experience when they are presented with evidence that their beliefs or assumptions are wrong."
Montier (2002)
 The conflict that it suffers from is his self absorbtion and the religious fervour pertaining to club feminism, by promoting and supporting a hate movement, which in his opinion, could possibly, actually, maybe, save the world, somehow. Couple that with the fact that no feminist female has ever requested or has ever required it's assistance, it was just assumed. You can also add to that that feminists and feminism is solely preoccuppied with destroying anything male, even to the extent of actively planning (more information on this in a later article) the genocide of the male population by reducing it to 10% of the female population. See Here and Here. and Here.. So he is basically supporting a male-hate movement that is determined to introduce a forced 90% reduction of the male population and ofcourse, himself, theorectically ofcourse. Aiding and abetting in his own demise, well done. What a clever little human being he really is. Suffering CD must also apply to masochists as well..

More from AVfM and Jared's article..
My final detractor, or rather my latest detractor, is none other than Mr. David “men can cause more damage with their bare hands so they are a bigger problem when it comes to domestic violence” Futrelle. For anyone who was wondering who this nefarious, neckbeard scratching, woman hating sleaze ball is I quoted at the beginning of this article, stop wondering. That’s right, Mr. Futrelle, his self-righteous, morally superior man-boobs jiggling, is the misogynist you’re looking for.
On the odd occasion, I have him banging at my back door begging attention, which I refuse to give ofcourse, as I would do the same to some frothing, rabid dog. But it persists..
"David Futrelle has left a new comment on your post.
So where are these allegedly apoplectic feminists you talk about?"
See Here and Here. and Here and wait for another article on precisely that topic as we expose more of those hate merchants, those feminists and their insane genocidal meanderings..

But there is more, here we have the opinion of a female feminists and what they actually think of male feminists..
"You go" Janice..

Janice Earlbaum(Girlbomb): The Truth About Feminist Men

"Feminist Men": Oxymorons, or Simply Morons? 
Lately, there's been a spate of "male feminists" posting at the BBs where I lurk. At first I saw them and I thought, great! I mean, I like feminists, and I like men, so you'd think I'd love this purported hybrid of the two. And yet, no, not so much, not so much at all.
As a matter of fact, it's caused me to realize that most of the men I've personally known who have made a huge hairy point of identifying as feminists have been either date rapists, mom fetishists, porn addicts, or bear daddies inflicting their frustrated pseudopaternal tendencies on women. They are some of the most passive-aggressive, patronizing, out-dishing without it-taking twerps on the planet, and they are poisoning the women's movement from the inside by sapping the hell out of everyone's goddamn energy.
Just brilliant..
I havent laughed this much since they buried Daley..