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It has been clearly demonstrated beyond doubt that single mothers are indeed in the majority of child abusers. Reasons for this is obvious as not only do they spend the majority of time with the child but also have endless issues within themselves and society in general. For whatever reasons women decide to have a child on their own, that responsiblity is not fully comprehended until they realise how much effort it takes to care for one child, let alone five children..
It is also assumed that women are normal, compassionate as well as automatic, preconditioned nurturers but this is far from the truth as mothers are the greater child abusers and murderers of children by far. This is completely ignored by feminists as they continue to ensure that mothers are automatically granted custody in the full knowledge that the child is put in harm's way.
Denying Fathers access to his own children only compounds the problem. Feminists are unconcerned about this issue as they fight any effort for joint custody..
 Feminists once again demonstrate how irrelevant the child's health and wellbeing is, as long as their ideological aims of ensuring female supremacy rights are achieved at the risk of physical abuse and long term permanent psychological damage to the child..

 Female Sex Offenders Conceal Themselves Through Societal Misandry

The public tend to be convinced that men are the primary abusers of children, despite data confirming (repeatedly so, year after year) that in fact women (especially single-mothers) hold the top-spot for child abuse. This sexist stereotype encourages people to hold undue scepticism when claims of female child-abusers arise. And to add insult to injury, it creates a suspicion of the nearest man even when he has done nothing wrong. To make it even more deplorable, this attitude serves to offer female abusers a cover to hide themselves under. Despite such misconceptions of men as abusers, there is simply no denying that women are the primary abusers of children and men are not.

The DHHS (the US Department of Health & Human Services) reveal statistics showing that mothers abuse children some 70% of the time compared with fathers (30%).

Perhaps the most taboo abuse of a child by a woman is that of a sexual abuse case. Children in the care of female abusers often grow up with life-long psychological issues. Most of them are unable to openly discuss the abuse they endured at the hands of their mother or female guardian due to the societal ignorance towards female abusers of children. The fact is that most people, men and women alike, not only don't know that women can be abusive but they also don't want to know. It is a truly sad state of affairs when documented reports of rape or sexual abuse of a minor is laughed off by the police. All too often, this is considered by many as 'seduction' or an 'affair'. Worse yet, the main-stream media play along with this by using similar words in the headlines for such cases, thus offering the female abuser more cover for her misdeeds.

A problem we often see is authorities acting with amazement when they encounter a female paedophile. Why the amazement? It's quite unnecessary. By all accounts it should come as no shock that females commit the majority of child abuse as other research indicates that at least 1/3 (one-third) of male rapists and child sex offenders have been sexually abused by a woman. This is similarly found in support groups for male survivors of sexual abuse. It is common in those groups to find that between 1/4 (one-quarter) and 1/3 of the victims were sexually abused by a woman in their life. Most of these men cannot talk about their history as society is so bent on assuming that only men abuse and that women are 'too good' to commit such abuses.

Only in recent times has the NSPCC finally made any legitimate and public acknowledgement of female sex abusers of children. As recently as 2005 the NSPCC released a report stating that the disbelief of female paedophiles existence hindered detection. In a similar document by the NSPCC, it is acknowledged that victims of female paedophiles face unique problems that largely remain unaddressed.

Although it is generally accepted that the victims of female perpetrators manifest symptoms similar to those of victims of other types of sexual abuse, there is evidence to suggest that the victims of female offenders might experience particular difficulties. An increased sense of isolationbetrayal and stigma emerges as a key issue which can act as a barrier to the disclosure of abuse. In some cases victims might disclose being abused by a man, later to reveal that the abuser was, in fact, a woman. Others may disclose abuse at the hands of a male and later, once they have built up a relationship, reveal that a female was also involved. Again professional training on female perpetrated sexual abuse and its impact on victims appears to be a key issue in raising awareness and understanding among professionals who work with this group. It also recommended that therapists and clinicians should routinely ask about sexual abuse perpetrated by females in order to demonstrate that this is an acceptable topic for discussion and that any disclosure will be met with understanding.
The response of the criminal justice system is to marginalize abuse of females at worst and at best, simple disbelief. Instead, the CJS demonstrably prefers to assume that any female sex offender has been coerced somehow by a man and set a higher-bar of evidence for prosecution.

Due to the sexist policies employed by authorities (it is not worded directly as 'sexist', but it plainly is sexist) several recommendations were made after reviewing their data:
  • Identify the gender of the perpetrator.
  • Collate data to identify all forms of sexual abuse instead of only some.
  • Authorities to acknowledge publicly that female sex abusers do exist.
  • Give guidance & support to employees of local authorities pertaining to those dealing with female sex offenders who act against children.
  • Research & examine recidivism rates for female offenders.
  • Consideration to policies & procedures to establish a nationwide work-group to investigate the issue.
  • Training for those in the legal realm who deal with female sex offenders; such as the police, probation, judges, barristers and the like.
  • Ensure the training includes the reality that female offenders exist and to include victim & perpetrators characteristics. Also to focus this training on those who work with or as specialized child protection professionals.
  • To ensure professionals to routinely enquire about female sex offences to those they offer therapeutic services to.
  • Investigation of how child-victims face barriers when abused by female sex offenders.
  • Develop services for female sex offenders.
  • To ensure programmes for female sex offenders take consideration of the differing requirements compared to male sex offenders.
According to the BBC's News Magazine, men who are sexually abused by women in their childhood can manifest the problems as anger toward his wife or girlfriend in later life.

In 1992, Michele Elliott wrote a controversial book, "Female Sexual Abuse of Children". Due to this book's release, Ms. Elliott was contacted by over 800 (eight hundred) victims of female sex abusers.

“One of the issues of controversy is the thinking that if women do this, it’s because men made them do it,” says Ms. Elliot. “I disagree with that. I think there’s no difference in the motivation between men and women, which is sexual gratification and power over a child. It’s very selfish.”
All too often, a female sex offender can cloak herself in the societal presumption of male-guilt and female-innocence. To further abuse society as a whole, these women will occupy positions of care or provider to children, such as a mother, nanny, babysitter, housemaid, teacher and even social workers. Due to their role in a child's (or children's) life they have unrestricted and unsupervised access to children. From this powerful position they can then confuse the children into abusive sex acts by slowly gaining trust and love of the children. In fact, so common is this tactic amongst female sex offenders of minors, it is considered the modus operandi of the female sex offender.

Currently, feminist groups will do almost anything to deny female sex offenders exist - especially where children are concerned. Instead, they prefer to blame the patriarchy or men in general. Until feminist groups take the lead by acknowledging the reality of female sexual abusers of minors, society at large will continue to enable more female abuse upon children. Society must wake up and work to stop all child abuse - not just that which is committed by men, but all child abuse. If we could stop all child abuse as of this day, all child abuse by men that is, the majority of child abuse would continue and those responsible would continue to be given a free pass by society.

Bunting, L. (2005) Females who sexually offend against children: responses of the child protection and criminal justice systems. London: NSPCC. [NSPCC Policy Practice Research Series].
ISBN: 1842280546

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Update Nov 19, 2011..

According to Author and director of the UK Charity Kidscape, Michelle Elliot, over 75% of cases of child sexual abuse by adults were committed by women acting alone or without male participation, and this, according to Elliot, “messes up the narrative”. Elliot was blacklisted following her publication of “female sexual abuse of children” in 1994.