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I am always happy to promote the stupidity that is feminism and its sell-out nature that will not only harm men but will definitely, in this case, kill women as well..

They have managed in one single day, to ensure that body bags returning from various theatres of war, will definitely contain what's left of any female soldiers. They have ensured that the ceremonies will now include your daughters as well as your sons, congratulations. What a victory..

Meanwhile the feminists who wanted this for so long will be too old to even set foot in the country, let alone strap on a uniform and lob a grenade at the nearest terrorist. I bet they are so besides themselves that they are now drowning their sorrow at the Ritz, enjoying their win/loss dilemma, sipping Bollinger and nibbling some caviar (dead female eggs) and consoling themselves for not making themselves available for the body bag ceremony. It must be so heartbreaking for them, have another glass of bolli..

Feminism's front-line killer blow 
 Clive Hamilton
30 September 2011
Sending women into battle alongside men is no victory for liberation. 
WITH women to take on combat roles in the military, it is time to sound the Last Post over the rotting corpse of feminism. It's not the moulding of women's bodies into combat readiness that gives the game away, but what has to be done to their minds. When Defence Minister Stephen Smith says the individual has to have "the right physical, psychological and mental attributes", the mental attributes he is thinking of are masculine ones, the ones needed to kill.
Putting women in the front line is a victory for feminism only if one understands feminism as the campaign to obliterate difference, as if everything women were before the advent of feminism was the creation of patriarchy. But didn't women's life experiences and history have value in themselves, providing distinctive qualities that are more needed than ever? If women have their own history, we should celebrate the uniquely female rather than bury it under the demand for equality.
How unusual is this article which is not only Main Stream Media (which has started to become irrelevant) but actually criticises a hate movement which spreads the vitriol like never before (nothing new here, move along). Amazingly enough, the article is written by a lefty who normally fall over backwards to support the feminasties every which way possible, so this comment is not by some light weight insignificant looser, but a professor of "ethics" would you believe, if that's possible at that level of politics..
Profile: Clive Hamilton. 
After more than a decade battling along as the head of a left-wing think tank during the Howard Government era, it seems surprising that Clive Hamilton has thrown in the towel, just months after the Labor Party won the Federal election. Link..
So Clive has indeed put the writing on the wall and there will be some quick and some ongoing hysterics and discussions to make him either retract or rebrand the facts, they will be re-polished as feminists are not known to accept criticism too well and if they don't get their way it will just be another case of smearing just like they did to Larry at Harvard. Suprisingly, the appropriate authority gave that once great institution a downgrading only one year after a female feminists cheated and forced her way into running it. Not a bad effort if I don't want to say so myself. A special effort in stupidity was required to be that affective..

Hamilton ofcourse does wax lyrical in the article about the "superior moral ability" that women are supposed to possess. It's not anything that I have seen so far to be honest, all I have noticed is the ever increasing female criminal activities like divorces and associated false accusations, child abuse, murder, genocide and other nefarious deeds too numerous to mention so as far as I am concerned he speak with forked tongue. See article for more..