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I must confess that on a few occasions I have had a thought or two about the possibility of organising some payback to the male hating feminists who are determined to see an end to our sex, one way or the other. Their determination make movies like "Soylent Green" and "Logan's Run" seem more realistic than fantasy. A few names come to mind ofcourse and there would probably be a world-wide listing that we could circulate to encourage the lads world-wide to participate and then maybe have a site where their actions could be noted and explained..

This site could be called - Services Denied dot com or something similar..

Hopefully, there would be plenty of suggestions as well so we could generate a comprehensive list of appropriate names of known male hating feminists with verifiable records for confirmation..

 Naming just a few that I am aware of (shortened version) -

England - Harriet Harman, Lynne Ferguson,
Australia - Julia Gillard, Penny Wong, Kate Ellis, Jenny Macklin, Nicola Roxon, Tanya Pilbersek
Europe - to be generated..
Africa - to be generated..
USA - List too large to mention here..

So this would be the object of the exercise. Denial of services to each and every name on the list. Every name would have all the pertinent information applicable to each countries situation so we would be looking at a network of sites and members to ensure that these wishes were indeed carried out..

As far as I am aware, men still run the majority of trades and services and it would not take much to ensure each and everyone of those male haters all of a sudden find that all those jobs that require those services were busy, couldn't spare the time or that job will take that little bit loger or cost more than originally anticipated. The web suffered some disconnection or the smoke alarm goes off in the middle of the night due to a malfunction as it reliant on the power supply to the house which has been accidentally disconnected and so on and so forth..

They would occasionally have a card left in their letter box with "Compliments from the MRM, you have been selected for special treatment", written on it with nothing else to identify it.
Nothing would be done ofcourse that would cause either harm or cause any situation to be considered dangerous and that must be stated. No restriction to important services would be affected..

It would at least inconvenience them to hell and back and maybe demonstrate to them what life would indeed be like without having the main sex around and helping their hypocritical arses..

What do you think, would it work ?