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I have noticed this coming up on other MRA sites and it is somewhat of a surprise that Dr Phil will actually give a damn about anything male ever since he high-fived with Oprah from the beginning, promoting the feminists "all women are victims" mantra which ofcourse, when the world's number male hater and feminist, Oprah finally disappeared off the air and went her own insignificant way, he ofcourse continued..

The daily promotion of that feminist mantra was downright sickening and the behaviour of the mostly female audience which included a few wimps, was even more incomprehensible as she shoved more and more "victims" into the spotlight just to ensure that lie was populated to the extreme..

On some rare occasion, she would actually make some half-arsed effort at showing the other half of the population were abused as well but not too often as that would incur the wroth of her feminist overlords as that image would discourage the outrageous amounts governments were paying women and feminist programs, just to try and keep the vagina vote happy..

Dr Phil picked up that cudgel and went his merry male bashing ways and to this day, as far as I am aware, never bothered to show or take up any men's issues at all..

Continual cowtowing to the privileged princesses ensured his income and that is where he stayed. However, he has relented or was forced into showing that there is another sex who is abused, beaten and murdered by those he promotes as victims. So it will be interesting just to see how unbiased and helpful that future program is going to be or will he just take that opportunity to belittle it as he has done in the past.

Dr Phil ofcourse lied to the Senate Judiciary Committee concerning DV, claiming that women's leading cause of injury was DV..  Which ofcourse is not true..

Dr. McGraw claimed,“Domestic violence is now the most common cause of injury to
women ages 15 to 44.”
According to the US Centers for Disease Control, the leading causes of injury to
adult women are falls, motor vehicle accidents, overexertion, accidentally
struck by an object, and accidental cuts. Domestic violence is not even on the

Wait and see..

Stop Abusive and Violent Environments is pleased to announce that the Dr. Phil Show will be featuring a program devoted to the topic of male victims of domestic violence. The program will be aired in mid-September. The show will feature SAVE spokesman Philip W. Cook and several male victims of partner abuse.
The decision to devote a program to male victims followed Dr. Phil McGraw’s testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee on July 13, 2011 – see SAVE’s July 25 press release:  
For more information on how domestic violence programs discriminate against male victims, see SAVE’s Special Report:  
SAVE applauds the Dr. Phil Show for its recognition and support of all victims of domestic violence.
Teri Stoddard, Program Director
Stop Abusive and Violent Environments 
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