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One of the reasons for my interest in this topic is that I have been trying to raise some awareness about this silent, insidious, killer that appears to be an irrelevancy in the stream of things as it only affects men and not women. It is therefore irrelevant and insignificant in chasing the vagina vote..

Over the last few years, some courageous guys have instigated efforts to raise funding as the gubmints were giving all and sundry away to the opposite sex and came up with a winner called "Movember". This is a winner and demonstrates clearly the need for it's recognition and funding but ignored ofcourse..

On top of that ofcourse is that we do not have a Men's Health Department and I wonder why ?

Blumhorst on prostate cancer

I was reading at the National Coalition For Men's website about an article by LA Chapter President Ray Blumhorst where he discusses prostate cancer. Here is what he said:

Prostate cancer strikes one in six men but gets very little funding for research
August 16, 2011
By Ray Blumhorst

President, NCFM Los Angeles

Here’s an important public service announcement from the Prostate Cancer Foundation called “Keep Dad in the Game. Keep Dad in the Game Youtube video

Prostate cancer strikes one out of six men, but prostate cancer research gets only a fraction of the annual funding that breast cancer research receives.

The number of men who contract prostate cancer is about the same as the number of women getting breast cancer. The disparity in annual, government research funding between the two cancers is striking and discriminatory, illustrating yet again the institutionalized misandry existing in Western societies, in my opinion.

This is an imbalance that must not be tolerated. We have to protest this imbalance.

Ray · 1 week ago
Of the fifteen leading causes of death in America: men lead in 12 categories, are tied in two with women, while women lead in only one category.

In America, there is an Office of Women's Health at the federal level, and one each at the state and county levels in Los Angeles , California. There is no Office of Men's Health in any of those places.

Why is men's health given such low priority in so many areas by so many social institutions?

Ray makes an interesting and valid point: why is there no health commission for men like there is for women? That's because it is up to us to make that happen. The only way we can make that happen is to lobby our elected leaders at the federal and state levels and protest this injustice;that we will not stand for it and we need to do this in large numbers if we are to be effective. Send in those emails today without delay.

Also at the state levels is different that the federal level. For example in the State Of California the only service available to men is prostate cancer screening and testing,which is great but prostate cancer is not the only cancer that befalls men. There is also penile and testicular cancer that rarely gets discussed,even by MRA's,but should be. Now compare that to the extensive Women's health section. The Men's Health page,the Women's Health page and a web page where both are listed. Let us not forget the State of California Office of Women's Health but no Office of Men's Health.Now that we can compare how the State Of California views men we can conclude that the State Of California doesn't give a fuck about men and the brothers in that state need to do some emailing to their elected officials and protest this injustice. Other states may be better or worse so yahoo or google to find out.