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I have been reading a number of posts this gentleman has been posting about his trip to Japan and waxes lyrical about the population and scenery. I have been enjoying his daily updates and can picture the place as he describes all his travels and destinations. I have been getting some pressure from a relative over the past few years trying to convince me to take a trip with him to Japan ( he has been there numerous times) and after reading his commentary, I think I may have to go and have a gander as it does sound and look inviting..

Meanwhile, things to not bode well for American women and rightly so..

I arrived in Japan 2 days ago. It's amazing here. The first thing I noticed was all the beautiful women. Beautiful Japanese women are everywhere. 90% of them are in very nice looking clothes, mostly like what would be considered formal attire in the USA. I'd say about 95% of them are very slender and healthy looking. Most of them wear skirts or dresses here, and almost all of them are very beautiful. Some are unbelievably beautiful, unlike any I have seen in my life. I saw some walking around with American husbands. Some women here are so beautiful that it could break your heart just to look at them. I was in a driver's license class today, and there were two extraordinarily beautiful Japanese ladies in the row in front of me, so it was hard to concentrate. One of them was the most beautiful woman I have seen in my life so far. Unbelievable. They were both dressed up in very nice looking clothes and had long, black hair almost down to their waists. They must have been trying to torture me because they had pedicures and were dangling their shoes the entire time. I managed to pass the test. Japanese women are so much more attractive than american women. I know I will never even date an american woman now (they're too busy with thugs anyway though). American women are ugly beasts compared to Japanese women. Oddly, there are some american men here with their (fat, of course, and loud) american wives. Ugh! Give me a welder's hood or something so I don't have to look at them. 
I went downtown, just wandering around and looking at everything. It is so clean and neat downtown. Hardly any gum on the sidewalks, and no cigarette butts anywhere. The most trash I found in two hours of walking was a single napkin on the ground. And, it's so quiet! Everyone is so mannerly and courteous. Even in restaurants, such as a McDonald's I went into, it's so clean and quiet. No one shouts or carries on like in the USA. In the USA, there would be 20 huge landwhales babbling and squawking, but in the McDonald's here in Japan, it's full of slender girls with long black hair who whisper and speak in soft tones. 
The women here are very docile and so mannerly. I hated american women before I came here, but now I dislike them more than ever. They are not even women, compared to Japanese women. I see a few american women here, and they are very loud and obnoxious. They have hard voices, and most of them that are here are fat and have cankles and they stick out like a sore thumb. I wonder what it is like to be an american man here who has a (fat, loud) american wife. It must be hell. Or maybe they are too foolish to know any better. 
Another thing I noticed is that in restaurants here, the people working the register are actually happy to see you, and smile. In the USA, they look at you and it's "ugh, another customer, now I have to do work." The food at McDonald's was nothing like McDonald's food back in the USA. It is always fresh, and tastes better. I think the Japanese take more pride in their work. And even straws are recycled at the restaurants here. 
I'm climbing Mt. Fuji next weekend. I can't wait. I can't wait to meet some Japanese women, too. 

And a few days later he added this..

 Yes I am, and I think most American men here are married to fat american wives. Yes, almost without exception, the men are in shape, and the wives are fat. Why? Here's my theory: I think the women married the men just for the government healthy benefits and the money. Now that they have their meal ticket, it's time to pig out on junk foods and watch TV and shop all day. 
I am sitting outside of a coffee shop right now, and I see three Japanese women, three white women, and a black woman. The three Japanese women are slender. The black woman is slender. All three white women are fat. One looks like she's 35 kg (80 lb) overweight, and is eating ice cream and fried fast food. The one Japanese lady is not eating anything. The rest of them just left. So basically, 90% of american women here are fat. Oops, here comes in another slender Asian babe and another morbidly fat american woman. Tattooed of course. Here comes a fat black woman. 
We hiked up Mt. Fuji yesterday. I had fun, but it was tough going near the top. My co-workers are out of shape. My boss brought his (fat) american wife, and she wanted to quit after only 10 minutes of hiking. She ended up going up 100 m and then quit and went back down. Amazing, I have never heard someone complain and cuss so much for having done so little work. The other two american women who were with us did not stop complaining until they fell asleep on the bus ride back home. Then it resumed when they woke up. The trip would have been a lot more fun without all the whiners. I used to go hiking and bike riding all the time back home. How are people so out of shape? The Japanese were coming in to the base of the mountain by the busload. They had a tour guide for every 30 of them.
There were hundreds of slender Japanese babes hiking up Mt. Fuji, with smiles on their faces. No whining or complaining coming from them. They're so cute, yet physically stronger than american women twice their weight. Exchanged a few simple greetings up on top of the mountain with some of them, and they were surprised that we knew some Japanese, so they giggled. They are so cute, and even while hiking, they look cute, and they wear clothes that are appropriate for hiking and outdoors but are still good-looking. 
I saw this one Japanese girl working at an ice cream stand, and she was so cute that I had to take a picture of her. The Japanese smile and are so polite while selling foods and services. It's so different from America. Oh, how has America fallen! I've seen pictures from the early 1900s, taken in America, where the women were actually wearing dresses and skirts and smiling. It is not that way anymore.