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The more you find out about the deviousness feminists have been up to the irritated one gets. Take the example on how they infiltrated the education segment and introduced their male hating malice into just about everything they could think of. One would imagine that it would only be be their number one male hate program "women's studies" and right there they could spread malice as well as male envy to all those sheeple who derive some type of masochistic pleasure despising half the population. This is ofcourse so ludicrous as there are daily if not not hourly reminders that that other despised sex exists and ofcourse the "its" will one day require the services of that sex and just take that for granted.
Hypocrites just doesn't quite explain those sheeple but their blown-minds will never recover even with therapy which may not be a bad thing as they will go through life having that ghost remind them constantly how gullible they really are..

So how do the feminasties infect education ? 

Student Claims Colleges Teach Male-Discrimination

Missouri’s second largest college has been charged with teaching discrimination against men. A student says his class studied data that denigrated men, elevated women, and stereotyped the sexes in ways that were male-discriminatory. He says similar data is taught in other courses at the College, and throughout higher education as well. The College never responded to the student. The U.S. Department’s of Education and Justice have not replied to his appeals for eight and four months respectively, so the case has been appealed to Cabinet-level authority.
Now that stuff does not just appear on the bookshelves or in the curriculum without some major coercion going on. It does make you wonder whether those principals actually have any..

And ofcourse the DOE does not give a rats rear as it is already swamped by those male haters already so justifying their hypocrisy was only one excuse away..

The DOE/OCR denial letter states: “…the facts you alleged, even if…true, are insufficient to establish…discrimination…you did not allege (being) denied a…benefit by the College…On the Contrary, the college provide you an equal opportunity to express your opinion…(and) withdraw from the course…you did not allege that you…were subjected to acts… that were so severe…that you were denied the ability to participate in and benefit from an educational program... Such material, though…you believe (it to be) false, constitutes free speech...protected by the First Amendment.”
Baker has asked the DOE: “Doesn’t my first letter to the College describe ‘severe’ personal affects and lost ‘educational opportunities’ and ‘benefits’? If placing want ads under ‘Male’ and ‘Female’ headings in newspapers discriminates against women, how can teaching male-prejudiced and female-biased data like this to junior college students fail to violate men’s civil rights? If it is illegal to compel women to quit their jobs to overcome or avoid discrimination in the workplace, how can forcing male students to drop classes to achieve the same ends in education be justified? Throughout history, has any group of bigots failed to argue that other laws allow them to continue their discriminatory practices?”
“Doesn’t the DOE ruling mean that educator’s ‘free speech’ empowers them to teach their personal social ideals and politics? Violate male student’s civil rights? Who’s next? Could they select data from education, employment, and the courts that teaches students Blacks or Hispanics are less intelligent, achievement-oriented, and accountable, or more vicious and criminally-inclined than whites? Could they choose workplace data that leads students to believe women have less technical and managerial ability, or that men are more logical, goal-seeking, and teamwork-oriented? What exactly can’t educators do?”
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