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It would appear that women can do anything they please and still not be held accountable or be charged according to the law even and when they are blatantly and obviously guilty. This is ofcourse not the only example as we see this happening daily as the Police and the Law turn a blind eye to any wrongdoing women initiate or indulge in. How has this come about and how does this keep getting ignored. There has to be something else at work here beside chivalry, obviously..

 Have those people working in the areas of law and policing been so trained as to totally disregard any lawbreaking by women. Have they been trained to ignore any such behaviour unless the victim forces culpability against the female perpetrator via legal action which that individual should not have to do as that would indicate that the Police are not carrying out their obvious duty of protecting the public..
 This whole mentality is sweeping western society as if they following some intentional and predetermined plan that we are not party to. I would also imagine that if women were held accountable there would be a massive increase in the female prison population as well as a massive rise in violent, abusive and coercive statistics recorded where feminists could no longer make women appear to be victim, instead they would be the major perpetrators..Either way their massive funding would drop or disappear and too many privileged princesses would find themselves on the unemployment line..

It would be well within their best interest to live in denial and protect those wrongdoers from being charged or jailed but meanwhile keep blaming all men for the problems facing the planet while they remain endless self nominated victims
Chivalry alive and well? 
From the New Zealand Herald – 11 August 2011
Man wakes to find naked woman in his bed
Thursday Aug 11, 2011 
Waikato police say no charges are being laid after a young man woke early today to find a 40-year-old naked woman in his bed trying to take his clothes off.
A spokesman said the man had been drinking at his Melville neighbour’s house before heading home to bed.
“The man has been asleep and unaware of what was going on, with the 40-year-old intoxicated woman in his bed. His mother has heard a noise and went to have a look and found the woman, naked, trying to remove the victim’s clothes.”
The man’s mother called police but no charges are being laid.
Now, let’s reverse the gender here; wonder what the outcome might have been for the drunken 40 year old male trying to remove the clothes of the young lady?
If it had been a man doing the same thing he would have been charged with attempted rape, sexual assualt, emotional abuse and illegal entry. And you wonder why members of the MRM are so pissed whenever reading this type of hypocrisy that continues on a daily basis..