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Using taxpayers dollars to achieve it, I could not go past this particular video on a discussion with one of the Authors of "The Flipside of Feminism" and the interviewer is ofcourse a feminist and that surfaces quite clearly. But Suzanne Venker points out that feminists HATED women who wanted to become Moms and have children, they hated the idea that women would automatically opt for a married life with a partner of their choosing and settle down and do what they do. This to the feminists was incomprehensible, it was blasphemy and only heretics would even consider that. They totally discouraged that via abusive articles, lectures as well as relentlessly arguing it via the pro-feminist media both newspapers and television just like today,  they needed to convince any female who was contemplating that option that it was not on. As a result of that brain rinsing that women swallowed we have an endless amount of women now howling about the fact that now they are over forty, they were lied to by feminists and now, those feminists, really don't give a damn. You wallowed in their lies and now you pay the price. Simple really..
This same poison is spread throughout the education system as feminists continue to indoctrinate college students and get in early with their male hating doctrines to ensure their message is spread far and wide. If in doubt, have a read of the garbage they print or support or encourage students to be active in, all paid for by the public purse. We are paying feminists to destroy society and then be expected to just sit back and enjoy it..