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S.A.V.E. is an organisation we all should get behind and support in every way possible as they are fighting the same sexism,misandry and bias that we are..

So as part of the request is that you spread the message that misandry (male hate) will no longer be acceptable behaviour or tolerated. Make every effort to expose this program where ever you can, blogs, sites, Facebook, twitter etc. Let's give this some major exposure and as Paul often states FTSU (F*ck their shit up)

S.A.V.E. launches C.A.M.P. program
On July 11 Catherine Becker of California drugged her husband, lashed him to a bed, severed his penis, and threw it into a garbage disposal. Becker coolly explained to the responding officers, “He deserved it.” 
Sharon Osburne of ABC’s The Talk made light of the assault. Osbourne described the incident as “hysterical” and boasted to her national audience, “It’s quite fabulous.” 
Others callously blamed the victim. “When you cross a woman, all is fair,” remarked TV personality Wendy Williams.The most common response of the national media, however, was to ignore the gruesome attack.But what if the perpetrator had been a male and the victim a female — the reaction would have been totally different: Alarming newscasts, agonized editorials, campus marches, and stern demands for harsh criminal sanctions. 
Relying on rapid media response using mainstream media, social media, radio, and other channels, the Countering Abuse Misinformation Project – CAMP – will work to bring an end to this pernicious double-standard.SAVE is launching CAMP on Monday, August 22. SAVE will be inviting persons to make comments to online newspaper articles, write letters to the editor, and so forth. An orientation call will be held Tuesday, Aug. 23 at 9pm Eastern time. If you would like to participate in this history-making effort, contact Teri Stoddard at .