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Here is the information regarding the VAWA legislation, a law instigated and introduced and assisted by the following..

Despite a successful and highly publicized hearing in support of the Violence Against Women Act on July 19th, the Senate Judiciary Committee failed to take action on VAWA 2005 (S. 1197) before recessing for the month of August. Compelling testimony, given by experts on domestic, dating and sexual violence as well as actor Salma Hayek, spokeswoman for the Avon Foundation, and former NBA player and coach M.L. Carr, Family Violence Prevention Fund board member and President/CEO of WARM2Kids, Inc, urged the Senate to move quickly on VAWA reauthorization. The National Advocacy Center also sent a letter (PDF version) to members of the Senate Judiciary expressing strong support for VAWA 2005 and joined in an interfaith letter (PDF version) emphasizing the importance of continuing to combat violence. However, other business kept the Judiciary Committee from marking up VAWA on the 27th as had been planned. The Senate bill, S. 1197, still continues to gain support, though, with a total of 47 co-sponsors going into the August recess.

On the House side, Representatives Green (R-WI) and Conyers (D-MI) introduced a comprehensive VAWA reauthorization bill (H.R. 2876) on June 14th. The legislation is similar to the Senate version in most respects, but includes some different provisions and funding levels. The legislation currently has 88 bi-partisan co-sponsors. Additional VAWA bills have been introduced by Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) (H.R. 3171 - comprehensive Democratic proposal), Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) (H.R. 3188 - The Immigrant Victims of Violence Protection Act of 2005), and Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard (D-CA) (H.R. 3185 - The Security and Financial Empowerment Act)

And here we have someone who took full advantage of that atrocious law to victimise an American Citizen and scheme her way into achieving a green card by making false claims of abuse and rape by riding the system just the way it was designed to be. The entire VAWA program is a gigantic hoax designed primarily to be exploited by women to take advantage of the generosity of the American taxpayer and take them for everything they have to offer..

The Immigration Prostitute Martha Laura Granados
This is story of Martha Laura Granados, an immigrant woman from Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico who abused the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) by pretending to be in love with an American Legal Resident. Martha prostituted herself to him for three years, deceiving him, making him believe her intentions were honest until he married her. She then falsely accused him of Domestic Violence and Rape in order to get to a VAWA funded shelter and file a VAWA self petition to obtain a Green Card.
Martha is now enjoying a vast number of social benefits all paid for by the US tax payer which include free housing, certification, employment, paid relocation and free education for her sons.
…and an express immigration proceedings for a Green Card and US Citizenship for herself, her sons and her relatives. 

The VAWA immigration loop-hole:
The formula is simple: Pretend you're in love with an American citizen or a Legal resident, get them to marry you, then, a few months later start making unsupported accusations of abuse. The accusations will stick, even if completely unsupported by facts. In no time they're on the path to permanent residency and with plenty of help from US taxpayers. The innocent US spouse often pays a heavy price in terms of psychological distress, legal bills, damage to reputation, and in many cases even a criminal record.
Here that saga begins..
I pretended to be in love with Al for three whole years. I repeatedly told Al that I dreamed of being his wife. In return Al treated me like a real wife and took excellent care of me and my sons.
At the end of 2008, having known Al for three years I begged him to marry me. My oldest son had gone back to Mexico and I insisted that I needed to visit him there, and for that I would need legal papers. Al, being the good man he is agreed, but not without a pre-nuptial agreement.
I was upset about the pre-nuptial agreement because it would mean I that would not have any rights to any of his assets, but my main goal was to get the Green Card for myself and my sons. At the end of August 2008 we got married.
I immediately started to provoke him. He said he wasn’t happy being married to me but he promised he would not file for divorce, at least not yet. I had to move quickly. I threatened him and told him  that if he wouldn’t file a petition for a Green Card for me and my sons I would have him arrested. He made me promise that I would not involve the authorities and filed the Green Card petitions for me and my sons.
I knew that our conditional Green Cards were on the way. I waited until we were married  for exactly three months and I took my sons and got to the police station. I filed the first complaint against Al. The police drove me back to Al’s house.
I couple of days later Al filed for divorce. I was served with the divorce papers by the sheriff. I immediately contacted a lawyer. The lawyer explained to me that my only - and best - option was to falsely accuse Al of Domestic Violence.
I began looking for a VAWA funded Domestic Violence shelter. The first couple of shelters I contacted refused to accept me because there had been no physical violence between Al and me.
I finally got in touch with the VAWA service center: The International Women's House, P.O. Box 1327 Decatur, Georgia 30031 Phone: 770-413-5557 Fax: 678-476-6804 
I was then coached by their employee Laura Mora. She told me exactly what I needed to do.