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Change of topic and what could be more interesting than getting someone on who actually knows what the weather is going to do as well as as being able to predict it months in advance. I do not know of anyone else on this planet who is able to achieve this level of accuracy as most weather bureaus are lucky to be able to tell you what happening next week let alone next month or next year which this guy can do with about 90% accuracy. Not bad by someone who uses his laptop to calculate the predictions,,

Explanation of weather forecasting accuracy..

Powerful thunderstorms swept across SE England near
the end of June. These and other simultaneous events
around the world confirmed the WeatherAction 'Extra Top
Red' long range warning for extreme thunder & hail type
events (UK/Ire) 27-29 June, issued 10 April.  
Piers Corbyn is an astrophysicist..