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Detente: the considered response..
I find it fascinating how anyone could argue that feminists should combine with the MRM (MensRightsMovement) to create some kind of third force to further "eqwalitee". The argument put forward are along the lines that seeing how the feminasty movement have discredited mens and boy's existence by completely destroying their credibility, work environment and education as well as ensuring that every law favours the privileged princesses, well, here is an opportunity to combine and work together to sort of, you know, kiss and make up and while you're at it maybe change some minutia of attitude and thinking, so them menz may not be screwed as much as they are now on a daily basis..

 Are you kidding me or what..!!

 Even that suggestion is reminiscent of the jews and nazis combining and issuing a press release stating that those camps were really not real and we should just kiss and makeup because we were just misunderstood, we were really just ensuring their good health by giving them shower and ensuring they were not carrying lice and other nefarious contagion.

This new detente would encompass all grievances but exclude all the special privileges women have ofcourse and we might look at making some cosmetic changes where the new force, could come to a "considered" agreement.
A bit like the UN and we know how brilliant that place functions..

 The problem feminists are facing at the moment is that no thinking individual with half a brain wants a bar of their nasty male hating movement but unfortunately all the destruction that obnoxious movement has instituted is exactly that, in anti-male law and legislation..The only way any male can expect or demand equality would be to ensure that all legislation and newly introduced laws actually include the other half of the population instead of the selected, preferential, perfected one. While we're at it, lets see if we can actually manage to increase the level of education that boys and the young lads are not getting, while those sexist institutions concentrate their entire effort on the newly chosen elite, women..What are the chances of that happening with this newly combined, politically correct, gender neutered, collective whose aim would be to "enhance" and "cultivate" gender relations..

 Well, Abbott and Costello's "Who's On First" discussion would just about sum that up..