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I and many MRA's have on copious occasions stated that not only was feminism a total farce but it failed comprehensively in it's goals and just delivered added misery and death to any society who fell for it's lies and grandiose schemes..

Never before has such a destructive force been accepted and applied by the ruling class to our daily lives which can claim to be so totally inclusive in every area of society that removing it will be a major operation. The only way that it can be achieved is to ensure that feminism becomes so vilified that no one will utter it's name, let alone claim to be one of it's cohorts..

More and more books and articles are surfacing about that hate movement as it evolves past it's original intentions and aims as it now wallows into irrelevancy. Two new books have surfaced, one being a rather mixed bag while the other a little more critical..

The Failure of Feminism.
by Nicholas Davidson.
Prometheus Books. 392 pp. $24.95.
Feminism and Freedom.
by Michael Levin.
Transaction Books. 336 pp. $39.95.

The partner’s remark has stuck in my mind because of his implicit assumption that since I was a woman, I had to be a feminist, and would just love the idea of a women’s bank. In truth, I was already finding feminism a big bore. Did I really have to pay my own way on dates? Why were men elbowing me aside to get out of the elevator first? Why did everyone address me with the ugly honorific “Ms.”? And those awful sandals with the below-sea-level heels that liberated women had to wear. . . .
So you can see that she weren't no femmie and wanted no bar of it, this comment sums up the mass exodus of men from church life as religions betrayed them as they sold their soul to the feminist Satan..
 Nonetheless, as the partner’s reflexive remark indicates, feminism—which started out during the late 1960′s as an outré phenomenon of academic bohemia—quickly and apparently permanently transformed the way of life of the American upper middle class. Male religious leaders now busy themselves trying to think up “non-sexist” names for God. Few indeed are those who have been willing to criticize feminism for its appalling (if ultimately unsuccessful) efforts to blur differences between the sexes, its brutal denigration of motherhood, its indiscriminate nastiness toward men, its contempt for femininity.
This is an excerpt from Davidson's book, which is the more critical of the two..
“The Feminist Era is over,” Davidson declares. “Organized political feminism speaks neither for women nor for progress; it increasingly reflects the views of an embittered minority which has long since forfeited the respect of the ‘transitional’ generation of its parents and has now lost the pulse of the rising generation.” And Davidson predicts: “The major battles over gender issues in the post-Feminist Era will therefore not be fought between feminists and non-feminists but between more standard political groups: socialists, liberals, and conservatives.”
 If Davidson's prediction is correct then Democrats and Labour parties around the world will have to go through that process if they want to be re-elected as exposure to that hate movement will be their downfall when it is exposed. Something to remember for the future..

Ofcourse we cannot fail to mention the manginas, the feminist men. those gormless wimps, who blubber at the drop of a hanky, shudder at the sight of an exposed stamin, choose their pink shirts to match the blush on the cheeks of their next young female sex victim..
And then there is the weepy New Man, presumably beloved of feminists but secretly despised by them as unmanly: “Unable to please either himself or women, the New Man, like the New Woman, was left to the cold comfort of envisioning himself as a pioneer of human progress.”
More the pioneer of stupidity than anything else but don't wake them up for crying out load. We would loose part of our entertainment..