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One does have to wonder how or why any female would want to destroy someone's life by lying about an event that never happened. How does that individual come to that decision as in most cases it appears to be impromptu, a spur of the moment decision where at other times it's a calculated, time consuming, cunning bit of mental masturbation that would have taken considerable thinking time and process to derive to a fanciful yarn that must be believable to fool the "experts" enough for them to "feel" exonerated and thereby achieve the affect the lies were originally initiated for..
The result of those lies can be devastating as we have already witnessed where the real victims have been either murdered, totally destroyed by mental breakdown, committed suicide or hopefully exonerated and regained some dignity when once the liar is exposed for what she really is..

All of these false claims ofcourse are encouraged by the feminist movement as they have played around with the interpretation of the law, the jurisprudence, it's interpretation. They have even gone so far as to suggest that a false rape claim would benefit any man which ofcourse they would claim was just a joke when queried which no one has to date. They should also be asked how they manipulated the police force to automatically make the assumption that a "women never lies about rape" which is in actual fact one of their lying mantras and how has that lie influenced the legal system as well..

It all goes to demonstrate how complete the feminist influence is and how far that corruptive influence goes deep into the annals of a system that should have outright rejected it out on the principal that it is impossible for a women not to lie..