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One does have to have a sense of humour whenever reading the latest rants from feminists as they snipe at each other over some irrelevant issue, only they can identify as a problem. Many a time, have I smiled or belly laughed at their total insufferable stupidity or their unmeasurable arrogance or their total ignorance of the human condition. It is as if they do live in some parallel universe and find it necessary to pay the occasional visit and make some outlandish comment so their adherents can construe it into anything they please and claim it to come from some or one of their delusional, self appointed, high priestess..It's funny to read and it's even funnier to witness those adherents to the feminist faith, try and extend, elongate it's supposed meaning into something obscene or throw it into irrelevant obscurity. Finally buried as a lesson in futility and ignorance rather than exercising the free will process or extrapolate it and test the normal cerebral cortex functioning. So we have this bit of feminist malady, fornicating their minds as some perceived healthy dose of self flagellation, as becomes their un-discipline. But it does not work ofcourse, as they are still stamping their feet because society refuses to allow them to show off their tits in public, it's just so, ..inhumane.. so unnatural.. 
Along the same lines, feminist Ludy Wadham writes for CNN:

". . . the Strauss-Kahn case has uncovered the divide, not between men and women so much as between old and new feminists. Old feminists, from Genevieve Clark to Erica Jong, believed that the goal was political and sexual freedom for women, not the political and sexual subordination of men.

"I cannot accept the idea that womanhood automatically implies victimhood, nor do I think that it is a desirable state of affairs when women see men as the enemy.

"The man-hating tirades of my female colleagues are nothing but puritanism in disguise and I suspect that our feminist forebears would be dismayed by the climate of inquisition that seems to dominate relations between men and women today." (Read the entire piece here)
The real issue here is that feminists have always claimed that they are not a male hating hegemony, which ofcourse is just  another oversight on their part, as far as they are concerned and readily denied by even the smallest, most insignificant, irrelevant, lowest, member at Facebook or even {gasp} Yahoo Answers level, still totally claim that to be completely untrue. It does make one wonder how  feminist manginas can actually justify their even lower position on the bottom rung on that hysterical ladder..

The full article is here on FRS and explains a little more about the infighting that we have witnessed so often from this hate machines that hides it's true goals under the guise of doing something noble..