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Long time ago, when newspapers could be relied on to bring you not only the facts but also the truth and not just biased feminist endorsed worthless opinion pieces. One would have imagined that the next article here would be some kind of joke or even humour..

Those days are well and truly gone..

Sadly, in this day and age where criticising women is verboten as well as uttering anything negative will be condemned by the usual self appointed, auditors of free speech and a paying member from the ranks of the  feminist gestapo action group, we have what today is loosely termed as news and sadly can only be interpreted as an excuse for wasting ink on paper..

I wonder how close to the truth this is..
Anti Male News – The Making
AUGUST 2, 2011 BY 
All characters in this article are imaginary but inspired from real life. Any resemblance is purely co-incidental and non-intentional 
Making News is a news-publication agency. It has a reporter whose name is Na├»ve Journalist and an editor whose name is Shrewd Editor. We will refer to the reporter as NJ and the editor as SE.
SE: You are not getting any interesting news these days. Get me the truth of the society. We have to publish facts.
NJ: I have sir; here is a case of a wife who was murdered by her husband as she was caught red-handed with her lover in bed by her husband. It will be a sensational story sir – “Wife caught red-handed committing adultery, killed by husband”.
SE: Hey, hold on your horses. While I understand we need to be as true as possible while printing, but we also need to keep in mind the interest of our readers. Such news can be extremely disturbing for the society.
NJ: Then, what do we do sir; I spent 2-3 days getting details about the case from the police and neighbors. Even neighbors confirmed, they have seen some 2-3 other men also visiting the house when the husband was gone. Sir, no man will tolerate such a wife. We have to write about the circumstances that made him a criminal.
SE: Hmmm, I see. Do one thing, write that he killed the wife after she refused to bring any additional dowry and later brought up the adultery allegation to cover up his crime.
NJ: But Sir….
Editor puts a hand on the shoulder of the reporter and tells him,
SE: Look, reporter, you are barely six months into this line. I am 10 years into it. Are you trying to tell me how to publish the news?
NJ: Definitely not sir, you know better but I am not sure dowry is the issue here.
SE: Well, as long as the story is sellable, it’s always an issue. We need to increase our circulation, don’t we; after all, our bonus depends on that, right?
Reporter has no more arguments.
Next day story appears in the media – “Wife killed over dowry demands; hubby alleges adultery to escape punishment.