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Feminists introduced the Vaginamony payments when they realised that men were working harder than women and making more money in the process. Cannot have that can we. So they introduced the incomprehensible "pay for life" alimony payments in order to ensure that as much wealth as possible was transferred to women which ofcourse suited them just fine as they could shack up with boyfriend (thug) and bang away to their hearts content knowing that income was going to continue regardless of her obnoxious or demanding behaviour (seeking increases in payments)..

So it become a common ploy that women welcomed with open arms and empty wallets. However, after the continual examples of women receiving multi-million dollar payouts via divorce courts and money they definitely did not deserve, it would appear that that holiday is about to come to an end and the lawyers are already concerned, not for their own incomes ofcourse, perish that thought..

Yes, it's really sad..
The free loading comes to an end. I knew that would happen as way too man rich guys were hit by the biased divorce court system and women walked away with more than half of the ex husband's money( see John Cleese). They got way too greedy. Who would have thought that..

States no longer wedded to idea of alimony for life
Bay State unties knot  
The traditional idea that post-divorce alimony payments should last “until death do us part” may itself be on its deathbed.
By a unanimous vote Thursday of its state Senate, Massachusetts joined a growing number of states that are junking the old model of virtually unlimited support payments to an ex-spouse.
While some divorce attorneys and marriage-law specialists fear the reforms may go too far, there has been a clear trend in states from Rhode Island and Pennsylvania to Texas and Utah to place new caps, time and age limits, and income criteria on alimony payments, reflecting in part social changes over the past few decades and the changing status of women in the workplace.
Just this year, Florida state lawmakers passed a law holding that the divorced spouse responsible for the alimony did not have to pay if the partner’s net income was significantly higher. Tennessee’s stateSupreme Court is also currently weighing a challenge to the idea of lifetime alimony.
The vote in Massachusetts means that the Bay State is catching up to other states regarding alimony laws, said Linda Lea M. Viken, president of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers.
“The whole purpose of alimony is to allow a former spouse to maintain their standard of living” from at the time of the marriage, said Ms. Viken, a former judge and lawmaker in South Dakota.
So for years, “alimony used to be, in many states, permanent, like it is in Massachusetts,” she said.