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One does have to wonder if feminism does actually breed stupidity as we already are aware of the fact that cognitive dissonance is a requirement for membership as that allows you to partake in the "groupthink" mentality. Not normally attributed to rational thinking human beings but quite "normal for feminist's doublethink( refer George Orwell's 1984 for more information) mentality..

Allow me to give an example of cognitive dissonance..

 Martin was told that she would attract unwanted attention from men and her safety was at risk.
Knowing ofcourse how easily these feminists are offended and also feel the need to moan and bitch about irrelevances, we have this CD female complaining that she was not permitted to walk around in her underwear. Obviously, it did not dawn on her victimhood mentality that maybe it was probably not that great an idea as the security dude informed her..
Feeling victimised is another emotion that feminists encourage and ofcourse this female having read all those appropriate paragraphs in women's studies, would have known that being a victim, any type of victim, for any unperceived impost was apparently quite valid for this privileged princess, "I just want to walk in my underwear because I protested last week that I wanted to dress like a slut" did apparently not dawn on the security service either..

As was the case when that constable in Canada that dressing like a slut may not be a good idea and would attract the attention that you may not want, was the same advice this child received and like the previous example, feminists got all hyperventilated and suffered an attack of the vapours, with no smelling salts on hand..
Toronto woman told to put her top on'Plain normal black bra not okay' 
CBC News Posted: Aug 9, 2011 5:59 PM ET  
Back to accessibility linksJeanette Martin enjoys herself at Toronto's annual beer festival. A short time after this photo was taken security officials told her to put her shirt back on
More than two decades after a woman from Guelph, Ont., won the right to take off her shirt in public, a Toronto woman is complaining that organizers at a local beer festival told her it wasn't allowed.
Jeanette Martin was at the annual Toronto beer gathering on Sunday when she took up a dare from one of her friends and took off her shirt. She was wearing a bra but apparently that wasn't enough for organizers.
"Within 10 seconds flat I had a security guard telling me to put my top back on or else I'd be escorted out of the grounds," Martin told CBC News.
Martin was told that she would attract unwanted attention from men and her safety was at risk."I didn't feel unsafe," she said. "I just wanted to be comfortable."
Martin said she was shocked. "Hot pink string bikinis are okay — a plain normal black bra is not okay."
The incident comes 20 years after Gwen Jacobs took off her shirt while walking in Guelph on a 33 C day. Jacobs, who was not wearing a bra, took her fight all the way to Ontario's Court of Appeal where she was vindicated.
The court struck down a lower court ruling.
In part, the Appeal Court decision said "there was nothing degrading or dehumanizing in what the appellant did. The scope of her activity was limited and was entirely non-commercial. No one who was offended was forced to continue looking at her."
Since that 1996 decision it has been legal for women to remove their tops in public in Ontario.
Martin said the people who told her to cover up were looking at the problem the wrong way.
"Deal with the guys if there is a problem," she said, "but don't come over and pre-emptively tell me that I'm going to start a problem."
"This is the reason we have events like SlutWalk now — to bring attention to the fact that we're not just sexual beings, we're just out having a good time."
Martin's not sure why she got so much attention at the beer fest. The security team apologized and she's had lots of support, even from her parents.
"I actually think they'll be very proud of me for standing up for my rights — and it is an issue of rights for women to be able to do this without being sexualized," Martin said.