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Ever wondered where feminists got their wet dream from and why lesbians dominate that hegemony (do I need to explain that?).The feminasties have been wetting themselves over the concept of reducing the male population to 10% and if that was not achievable they wanted to make sure that women would control everything. By that I mean, every business and every position, including all government positions which they have already legislated into being plus turning every thing around so men would become slaves of women as in their opinion, that was the case in the past. One claim they have failed to demonstrate or come even close to explaining ofcourse, but they can dream..
In relation to the feminist psycho Mary Daly, we have this bit of sparkling lunacy..
..the proportion of men must be reduced to and maintained at approximately ten percent of the human race,”
 This is what they preach in those lovely "Wimmyn's Studies" courses, hate and malice is the standard prescription and neurosis, the end result..

Other statements made in this movie is, there would be no diseases or wars as they have determined that women are much more inclined to be soft and cuddly and are abhorred by anything that would harm children or kittens. You do not have to look far to contadict those coments as there are plenty of examples on the web from past history..

Hillary Clinton, Condoleezza Rice and Samantha Powers, Trinidad Jiménez,, Catherine Ashton, all pushed for the war in Libya. So don't go saying that women do not start wars as that would be a downright lie..

And ofcourse we have a feminist woman indulging in genocide as well but with this precondition where she demanded that women be raped before they were slaughtered..
Mivumbi, who has confessed to taking part in the slaughter, told me that Pauline goaded the Interahamwe, commanding, ”Before you kill the women, you need to rape them.”
Pauline Nyiramasuhuko, a prominent Rwandan Hutu and former minister of family affairs and women’s advancement, has been sentenced to life in prison by an international tribunal for a variety of heinous crimes, including mass rape, war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. 
Here we have a parody produced a few years ago, having a go at feminists and communism which includes the mindless brain numbing propagandised women at that facility who claim that all invention were made by women and Einstein was also a woman..

I think that feminists musts have studied this just to learn a few things. The implications are spot on..

Has English subtitles and made in Poland..