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One does have to wonder what the attraction really is when you come across a list of the reprehensible actions that these women have and do undertake. It would appear that feminism has unleashed their base behaviour which up until recently was unacceptable  and would not be tolerated by either sex. In this day and age where women are given a free pass to do whatever they damn well please without recourse to law or accountability, we see women for what they really are..

One to avoid at all costs..

For a sex that feminists and their manginas claim to be without blame and to be worshipped as superior, being incapable of any wrongdoing where they are concerned, they sure are busy clearly demonstrating otherwise. It also demonstrates that obviously we hold the wrong attitude about their well-being as well as their ability and capacity to be violent, they have problem with taking the option to be criminals without coercion or encouragement, they should be treated like any other criminal, regardless of the fact that they have boobs and a vagina should be irrelevant. You break the law and you have to be held accountable..

Police in Zimbabwe are on the trail of a group of women who have been raping men, usually at gunpoint, since last year.

George Cascone: Target of alleged murder for hire plot talks about ex-wife(Youtube vid)

Laura Johnson
DALLAS - A North Texas mother allegedly forced her 6-year-old daughter into recorded group sex, according to a report in the Dallas Morning News .
The 24-year-old Dallas woman, whom FOX 4 News will not name in order to protect the child's identity, made the girl film her having sex with several men at the same time, the report stated.

Another Liar Exposed by Judge Mathis.(Youtube vid)

19 year old, rich english woman arrested for looting

UK riots: 11-year-old girl held over Nottingham damage

Finally we have this lying example of female integrity, who blatantly lies in court even after it's proven..