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In this day and age where the ratio of single mothers to actual families with two parents, a dad and a mom, just like the good old days when they knew that it was better for the children and their own sanity..
But now, we have single mothers who are of the opinion that raising kids on their own is not only a piece of cake but does not have any detrimental or create any psychological issues or harm to children, is living in dreamland. Too many studies have already thrown that opinion on the scrapheap of ignorance and stupidity but they live on in hope that it does not apply to them. This "head in the sand" attitude apparantly reigns supreme in that sex as the one parent homes continues to rise and feminism can take the credit for creating it..

Let's have a look at some of the endless moaning straight from the horses mouth..
Every mom has a secret.“I cry myself to sleep sometimes because I am overwhelmed and I don't feel like I can talk to anyone about it.”
Apparently every mom has an endless whine as well..

  • Nearly one in five moms admits medicating their child to get through a special event like a plane flight; one in 12 does it just to get some peace and quiet on a regular night.
  • Half have knowingly sent a sick kid to daycare or school.
  • 85 percent use their kids to get out of social obligations.
  • Nearly one in three uses work as an excuse to avoid taking care of the kids.
And sometimes the secrets are thoughts we don’t dare tell anyone else:
  • 44 percent of moms would rather be 15 pounds thinner than add 15 points to their child’s IQ.
  • One in ten wishes their child was the opposite sex – and of those moms, 60 percent have boys
Another shared: “I am managing to hold it all together and still be sane. In reality I am on the verge of a breakdown at any time and who knows what is going to push me over the edge!”
One mom wrote anonymously:People frequently remark that I seem to have everything ‘so together.’ I don't!  I find myself crying in the car on my way to work because I am so overwhelmed.”