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Well, how affective are we when the Leader of the Opposition and from the look of it, the next Prime Minister of Australia Tony Abbott, makes this comment -

"It's those man-hating femo-nazis," he told talkback radio. "They've never had a real man in their ballot box!".

So, there we have one of the tags that was introduced by the MRA's as a deliberate explanation to what feminism is all about and it can only be compared to Nazism as it's doctrine, mantra and intrusion into the law and eduction indicates that they are followers of that holocaust inducing doctrine which can be matched almost word for word to their brain-rinsing methodology which they have done so well..

Meanwhile, Australia wallows in feminised female stupidity as they make every effort to try and destroy it. We have a feminist based Government led by a load of neurotic women determined to demonstrate clearly that any country run by women and influenced by the disease that feminism is, it clearly reduce the brain's power to exclude the cognitive thinking process, while their tunnel visioned, myopia is introduced into policy without so much as any opportunity of long term thought process or even considering short term benefits as this government has already clearly demonstrated..

Then we have Christine Nixon, another feminist and former police commissioner, demonstrating it's total incompetence and lack of leadership qualities, she dined in a restaurant while Victoria was burning and hundreds of Men, women and children died in the process. Here she is claiming in her book, that the reason she was sacked was because it was "fat", cognitive dissonance is a required precondition for feminism as feminists suffer from this affliction because their doctrine cannot be accepted by the normal functioning mind. It would and does reject it's downright hypocrisy and female supremacist mentality, it is akin to claiming copper is gold. The normal, average, human being capable of reasoning and able to realise that one cannot introduce a new dysfunctional, societal changing thought process without destroying the society that we have created over centuries. They demand it be expunged, totally replaced with their inane, socialist, Marxist influenced stupidity designed to replace it without people even noticing as they hide their manipulations to ensure that outcome..

For those of you who have read George Orwell's 1984, would recognise how feminists have copied his thought comparing processes and insane methodology, with which he demonstrates (in parody form) how communism works, like "Hate is Love" and "War is Peace" from that book can be directly compared to the same lie feminists tell, lies like they are for "Equality" when in reality everyone knows they are not and also utilise the "war is peace" method by waging a war on all men and boys and declaring that to be either just some side affect or claim that it was not what they intended which ofcourse is another lie..

They claim continuously that they don't hate men, that is in public, but their minions continually demonstrate the direct opposite on their hate sites and forums, see for yourself..

 If you have not read it "1984", do. It will definitely open your eyes to show you precisely what feminism has copied and how they will try and achieve a new world order via their doctrine as we can already see in the United Nations doing as they favour women over men and boys and at the same time have fresh minds to pollute with their male hating message..

In regards to the above journalist comment, she will ofcourse claim that she was only joking..