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Let's start a campaign that will indeed teach these type of companies that we are sick to death of their relentless male-bashing advertisements. We have had a gut full of them representing men as clowns and idiots while the female is presented as the opposite..

Tell those clowns that you would not buy their product because they are peddling male bashing advertising and you will spread the word over the net and they will know that the general mood has changed and that we are not going to take it any more..

Please circulate this post to anywhere and everywhere (including forums, site, social media sections and news sites), you can so we can demonstrate to that company that enough is enough..

Thank You..

Christian J.

Let's flood their email address with complaints..

Suggested text for email..

General Email Address for Comment..

Their Head Office is in Chevy Chase MD
To Tony Nicely, Chairman, President and CEO, Insurance Operations).
Dear Sir, 

I am appalled and disgusted by your latest commercial as it once again demonstrates how all men are incompetent, lazy and stupid. Are these the people you employ ? Is this the image that your company projects to your customers, who would in the majority, be men as indicated by your attachment to the Armed Forces. I find this advertisement to be offensive as well as sexist. It demonstrates sexism as the only female in the commercial is shown to be well dressed, unlike the males, getting on with the job at hand and derisively glancing at the idiotic behaviour of the men. This commercial is promoted, produced and launched with your authority and compliance. 
Please take action to remove it from public exposure.

Corporate Information

Leave a comment on their Youtube site..

Link to the commercial on their site..

Link to contacting those misandric Morons..

Link to give them a service on Twitter..


GEICO Service Team


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