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The Message is confusing and insanity rules..

One does have to wonder what women are all about when you watch their actions in movies and then compare that with real life. The movies ofcourse have always shown women to be either quite affable, polite, easy going, approachable. On other occasions, they are just way too obnoxious with the ability of knocking down any male twice their size with just a little swing of some miniature fist that in reality could not even put a dent in a plaster wall let alone anywhere else. But that's the hyperbole Hollywood projects as they march to the politically correct, feminist tune that demands that women are as strong as men, if not stronger and if anyone states otherwise they are to be ignored. Thus women are projected as a fallacy, given a false image, a generalised individual who is always either well groomed, highly intelligent, has the top job all the time, can run rings around any males, and ofcourse does all of this while she pregnant. Not a bad effort, if only it were true or even slightly believable..
In the real world, we have a totally different perspective on that sex. Their efforts are much more confronting as well as incomprehensible, like the elevator girl, the atheist feminist, whatever that is, had an attack of the vapours because (shock,horror) she was asked if she would like to have a cup of coffee. I kid you not when I tell you that she was so upset at that suggestion that she went home and told the world via YouTube exactly what type of ordeal it was. I would imagine that a normal, level headed, mildly intelligent female would have just stated "no thanks" and went to her room and crashed. But not this victimhood candidate, oh no.not this little precious. There were free points to be scored here and hysterics to be raised with much male hating to emphasise.The whole thing ofcourse was just a farce, just another need for attention, another "the jokes on you" exercise, played out to it's last drop. It was, for all sense and purpose, as pathetic as it was embarrassing for all involved..
But it was first a female and then a feminist and we no longer ask "what do you expect, better behaviour or something ?"..
Next we have a massive increase in alcohol abuse by young women from college age upwards. Studies have shown that to be the case. On top of that, a recent study just released in England stated that cocaine use among young women had increased exponentially and has done so for some time. All the appropriate excuses and justifications were included as well ofcourse, gee, that was  different..
So we also have this huge increase in false rape claims where women are excused and not held accountable most of the time plus female teachers having sex with school boys as young as eleven. There was one claim where one female teacher raped a 14 year old boy, got pregnant and sued him for child support, which the court allowed. How is that for hypocrisy and bias. It is beyond comprehension. His mom and dad had to pay ofcourse.
So you can see the difference between what we view on the screen and the idiot box and compare that to   real life situations and one must wonder where the hell are women going with this. How far down the road will they travel before they become persona non gratis and one does wonder if they will ever come to that realisation or will they just pretend that nothing is wrong and just enjoy all those new privileges and continue thinking that being a princess is really what they really are..