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Hollywood continues to infect their movies and television series with feminist propaganda at every opportunity. One of their latest efforts is this feminised saga by the name of EUREKA..

The ball buster
The first entry in this series shows a half pint female tossing a big male "Marshall" around like he is a puppet, she carries multiple weapons and is a gun nut for some unidentified reason and ofcourse can beat any man just by threats or even by a glance and constantly does so throughout the series. It's really pathetic how they have trained the wimps in that program to cowtow to that mentality as they act the cowards part like it's normal..

Anyone who has spent any wasted time watching this bit of feminist agitprop would immediate recognise the obvious feminist slant it takes. The entire series caters to political correctness and sickening so. The constant reminders on how small fragile women can kick men twice their size is ever present, how women are smarter than any male is constantly promoted and on top of that, it's only women who should be in charge while the series ensures that men are shown to be hopeless, bumbling fools as the biased script evokes..

Check any of the episodes and witness the blatant misandry and the feminist politically correct attitude, it is so overwhelming as to make this entire series wallow in pathetic feminist mantras and doctrine..

Hollywood have for years slowly manipulated public attitude via this propaganda methodology and this series reaches a new level. It's about time that they were discouraged and told that it is no longer acceptable. It is now the case that only hardened male haters identify themselves as feminists and even that is coming to an end as feminism and feminists are loathed the world over for being liars, biased, sexists as well as major hypocrites..


Greddy said...
I'm always on the lookout for feminist propaganda in the TV shows I watch. As soon as it becomes obvious, I write that show off. Bones is a good example (although it was feminist right out of the gate). Breaking Bad's current season is throwing some red flags but has been good so far. I get the feeling that the Walking Dead may end up in feminist country but we'll see. Falling Skies gets a tad "Grrl Powr" too which puts me on the fence cuz it's largely a good show otherwise. ALL the female cop shows are a write-off as well" pure feminist fantasyland BS.