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Thanks to all..

I do occasionally come across an article or two about something that is so incomprehensibly stupid that I just cannot fathom it's ignorance..

Canada’s Green Party leader, Elizabeth May, is a green advocate, activist and bi-coastal self-promoter.(CJ..cover eyes when checking link, I did warn you).

But she’s no scientist.

As Green Party leader and the Green’s first (and only) MP, her adherence to the cult of global warming is no surprise, but her opposition to Wi-Fi is:

…the first Green party MP threw her support behind her provincial counterparts’ efforts to stop the smart meter program and allow for more consultation on the kinds of meters that should be used. On Twitter, she voiced opposition to the unnecessary use of Wi-Fi, saying she was “so glad I don’t have Wi-Fi at home.” A subsequent tweet revealed a much stronger opinion about Wi-Fi as it pertains to the health of students: “It is very disturbing how quickly Wi-Fi has moved into schools as it is children who are the most vulnerable,”…

Wi-Fi as a health hazard is some of the junkiest of junk science, yet May has no problem jumping on the bandwagon and using ‘vulnerable ‘children as human shields to cover her knee-jerk activism.

the bunny ears of doom
For those of you who are even remotely literate about WiFi, one would prefer to look at it's advantageous rather than generating incoherent misinformation to one's audience. But the clueless Greens do not have that problem. As far as they are concerned, if it hums or uses power, then it's evil..

I have used WiFi for quite a few years to connect laptops or PC's including my latest Intel MacBook Pro ( allows me to use Mac and Intel/Windows OS) whenever I am not using my desktop. It comes in very handy in summer when outside, either sitting on the deck or out the back on the veranda. Speed does deteriorate slightly but not enough for it to be an issue. To me, it's just another technological marvel and it's operation, which I checked out first, was harmless and posed no threat, so great..

The World Health Organization has this to say about Wi-Fi:

From all evidence accumulated so far, no adverse short- or long-term health effects have been shown to occur from the RF signals produced by base stations. Since wireless networks produce generally lower RF signals than base stations, no adverse health effects are expected from exposure to them.

So where do these ignorant people get their useless information, let alone, recommend it to others to copy their well rehearsed ignorance and stupidity..
Save us from the Greens..