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Bill from The Spearhead as many others having been involved in a toxic marriage would agree that some people just do not deserve to be married as their interpretation is that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence and once you get there, alone and without any chance of a relationship, that green grass was just an illusion that feminists created in order to destroy the good relationships that men and women had carved out for each other over aeons. A method that worked really well until feminist lies and exaggerations were screamed from lofty heights to inform all women that the life that you are enjoying at the moment is not really a life at all. So the feminist hegemony went to work destroying that compatibility with outrageous lies and continue to this day to malign and denigrate both sexes for having the temerity to actually co-exist with a member of the opposite sex and enjoying that, just not on.

So they convinced women in particular that they should become wage slaves just like them men, sacrifice your life in the pursuit of money and lower the wage level in the process. A method heartily supported by business leaders who saw an opportunity to lower wage bills, increase turnover as a broken homes requires more stuff, donated millions of dollars to the feminist hegemony on the condition that they ensure men and women work their butts off and not have a life. Did that work or what ?

Meanwhile, it took some women a while to catch onto that plot, they actually realised that nothing is gained without the cost being paid. Also, some men noticed their lifestyle totally destroyed by maniacal divorce court judges who cowtowed to the feminist utopia. It is a lot easier giving away someone else's money than your own. It was the right thing to do ofcourse. Women ofcourse came under scrutiny as well as they fell victim to that same lunacy that men had already faced for many years, and when they faced the same hypocrisy and lies that divorce courts allow as well as the family courts when deciding "for the sake of the children" they also came to the realisation that this system sucked. Not only did it discriminate against all men which was just fine as far as they were concerned but when the same thing happens to them by a doctrine that claims to be for equality only then did it open some eyes and women started moaning and whining out loud, how is it possible for the fallacy that is feminism, destroy both financially and psychological the sex that it was supposed to help..

Feminism screwed up in major fashion. Those middle class dysfunctional, self interested, white females actually got it wrong. Now they have enemies on all sides as they start to duck for cover and hope they don't face well deserved charges of crimes against humanity..

Meanwhile back at the ranch -

Marriage Reform Page Up In the first step in my effort to make a positive change, I’ve started collecting and linking material relevant to marriage reform. I’d like to invite others who have some interest in the issue, especially those who have written on the subject, to visit the page and post links. Attorneys with experience writing prenups or simply in contract law are also very much welcome.
The goal is to give people who want a better form of marriage the guidance and tools to make it possible. Default civil marriage as it exists today has become an evil and destructive institution that must be changed. People who remain in civil marriages do so despite the incentives to divorce and engage in gender warfare. For the weaker and less sensible it is too often a disaster that literally ruins lives, including those of the most innocent — our children.
Feminism may have done a wrecking job on the Western family, but I am optimistic that this can be turned around. The fight against feminists must continue, but it’s time to start discussing reconstruction, and reforming the devastated institution of marriage is where it should begin.
I have yet to meet any female who does not regret the divorces they have introduced and still claim to "love" the former partner and also make the claim that it was the worst decision they have ever made..
There are people who would have been better off not indulging in marriage and for proper reasons. Some people just do not get along and that is just fine, I have no problem with sparring partners finally calling it quits but I do have a major issue with women (make 70% of divorces happen) making decisions on "feelings" and according to the "sage" advice of their hypocritical (yes I am not married) sisters who are determined that she should be as miserable as her. So recommends accordingly. They have swallowed the feminist lies and wallowed in the "you can have it all" mantra and all indications today show that women are starting to wake up and decided that in order to stay married you have to work at it and not take it for granted. "You don't know what you've got till it's gone", has to be the most profound statement applicable to that situation..

So, just to ensure total dysfunctionality, we have Amanda Marcotte (feminist Bigot and Male Hater) tosses in her usual cognitive dissonance into the fray. It akin to someone spitting into a waterfall and as usual with Marcotte, it has the same affect even if you can understand or even detect the reason for the post for which it is paid, for crying out load..
Amanda Marcotte 
Women, on the other hand, are the sellers in the heterosexual economy.  Our job is to make sure the product is worth buying.  We are no more entitled to partner sex than a company is entitled to move all its widgets when customers aren't buying.
Dating advice tends to get gendered along these lines.  When women aren't getting any action, it's pretty much standard to tell them to look at themselves and see if they're charging too high a price for the product they have on offer.  The advice from there is to either improve the quality of the product or lower the price.  Granted, upbeat American society being what it is, most of the advice industry aimed at women is about improving the quality of the product.