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Loni Bouchard of Clinton, 20, is charged with sexual assualt in two cases where she was baby sitting 14-year-boys.(Southington Police / August 2, 2011)

Cute looking isn't she, butter would not melt in it's mouth and you would be quite happy if she showed you some attention and maybe even spent a day with her, right ?

How easily we mis-judge women just by their appearance as they work on that image either specifically or without even realising that. One would be pushed to make any judgement going by that face as one would always be loathed to think this girl/woman would be involved in the following obnoxious behaviour..


Boys Not 'Lucky' To Be Assaulted

What shocked me the most about the recent arrest of a 20-year-old woman for allegedly sexually assaulting a 14-year-old boy she was baby sitting was, sadly, not that abuse had occurred. Rather, it was the reaction that caused me the most concern.
To my chagrin, most of the remarks were dismissive of the fact that the child had been molested. Instead, commenters joked about how "lucky" he was and how he should not complain, resplendent with faux-nostalgia about how they wish that they had baby sitters like the accused when they were younger.
This kind of attitude is simply deplorable. It's harmful and disrespectful to survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Sexual assault is sexual assault. The age of consent is crystal clear; it is not some nebulous wave to wade through. What is also clear is the inherent inequality in power between a baby sitter and his or her charge. The relationship is founded upon the baby sitter being an authority figure, and it is a clear abuse of power for the baby sitter to force a sexual encounter. It's certain that any activity that may have taken place could not have been consensual.
It does put a different perspective on taking any woman on face value does it not. Every woman you meet must be gauged to be an enemy first until proven otherwise as feminists have granted, encouraged and given a free license to women to behave badly. Not only will the general response from all be a lot more cynical in the future with women paying as well for their standing will be downgraded , but also and hopefully, if the men's movement is successful, will taint and paint all women the same way they have encouraged and promoted how all men and boys should be viewed..

David Pisarra, a Men’s Rights lawyer, discusses ‘the new type of abuse—the marginalization of fathers.’

“He raised his voice at me, and I was frightened he was going to hurt me and the kids.”
That’s it. That’s all it takes for a man to lose his children in today’s hyper-sensitive landscape of domestic violence prevention.
This sea change can be traced to the days and months following the tragic death of Nicole Brown Simpson, when the public outcry by the domestic violence lobby moved beyond confronting actual physical altercations and began focusing on the perceived threat of violence. By casting such a wide net, centered almost entirely on male against female domestic violence, there have been unintended consequences that play themselves out in Family Court every day.
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