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Young Nubile wench..
Strangely enough two just dawned on me, one is that women have their greatest social value when they are young and it's the opposite with men. It is the case that young women (most) have that sexual allure that men seek at that age as we are pumped full of the "wanna" fluid that demands that we need to "wanna" mate with them regardless what it costs and how dangerous it could be with current laws in place..

So the women at that age can make all the demands, pick and choose just about anyone they want to use and reject anyone, they feel does not exactly match, the enhanced image they have in their mind. But it is not long before all that attention and all those free bonuses they have enjoyed for the last 15 years suddenly dies, disappears, dries up, gone..

You have to marry me, Man: Er, No I don't.
The loss has a rather startling, sobering effect as their drawing power has disintegrated and their clock is ticking faster than they care to admit, it's panic time. You have to bear in mind that it was never a problem in the past, it's a new age problem that women have created themselves as they wallow in the feminist mantra of "having it all". While pursuing that mantra the time ticks away, they never really achieve what they have set out to do, never really end up with money in the bank as they blow that on the way to being 30. So, we can now understand why frustration wells it's head like a new sputtering volcano, the heat generated turns to desperation, they are old, broke and desperate, they  look with envy at their rare girlfriends who has been mommying for the last 10 years and is actually still enjoying herself in the process as she is achieving precisely what she wanted to do to begin with. But they hate them, how dare they enjoy themselves while she has to work long hours, have a limited social life and have nothing to show for it except old age..

It's sad and I almost have some sympathy welling up, almost..

Meanwhile, the men have achieved their goals by working hard, saving, scraping, getting by on least, now lives in his shiny new home. He has money in the bank, is fit and healthy and has now become someone of greater value on the dating scene and social market. The table have turned entirely, he is now in high demand and the competition is fierce for his attention. Women ofcourse find this extremely unfair as they were raised to be the centre of attention and now they have to scrap and bow for attention just like the lads use to do when they were young..
I've done my thing, now it's time and I am ready..
The lads are really enjoying themselves in the process and women wonder why they don't want to commit but that reason is so bleeding obvious to every male that it is not even asked as the answer is way too obvious but it is a question that stuns women to silence and creates wild anxiety..