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I was always of the opinion that Generation X were just the next generation of puppets who feminists hoped would enthusiastically carry the feminist torch to greater heights, declare that hate movement to be their new god and shower all involved with unlimited praise and so much wealth that they would never have to even notice the suffering and destruction they have caused..

Hoping to live in their self-induced euphoric temple until they were old and wrinkled (oops, that already)..

Too bad, unfortunately not the case as far as they are concerned. Generation X did dabble a little in that toxic male hating maelstrom but decided to give it the flick as the next younger generation did as well. Why go through hating the opposite sex for the rest of your life, was not a sane option as they grew older and wiser. Now, to add insult to whimsical injury, it appears that the Xers have better things to do than suffer from permanent victimhood and privileged princess complexes. Not all but at least the majority, it would appear..

Gen X marriages: Divorce is out, monogamy's in

They just won't do as they are told and feminists are as usual and as they are all the time, pist off..
That's the latest news from the land of Gen X parenthood. Apparently, these children of the divorce boom of the 1970s would rather put chocolate syrup in the baby bottles than put the children through a family break-up.
The number of divorces has been in decline since it peaked in 1980, and that is particularly true of highly educated couples, only 11 percent of whom divorce during their first 10 years of marriage, according to a study by the National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia. That compares to 37 percent of the rest of the population.
This just will not do. They are associating with them men and the bastards are actually enjoying that. Have we not told them that all men are rapists, child molesters, rapists, abusers, rapists, paedophiles and have I said "rapists"..
Either this generation of college-educated moms and dads has it figured out — "peer" marriages where both parents are in the yoke and duties are shared — or they have seen the headlines that warn of poor outcomes for children of single parents. And this cohort of parents wants only the best outcomes for their children.
In any case, it is easier to put the kids first if you remember too well the pain and confusion of your own parents' divorce. Even if the break-up is civilized, the disruption is tough on children.
This is a different spin on "staying together for the sake of the kids," and it is a worthy goal. But how do you make it to the finish line? What happens when the magic ends?
Author Iris Krasnow, who has been chronicling the angst of Boomers since she wrote "Surrendering to Motherhood" in 1997, has just completed a new book, "The Secret Lives of Wives: Women Share What it Really Takes to Stay Married." It is due out in October.
She spent two years interviewing 200 couples who had been married from 15 to 70 years to find out what makes marriage last.Understand that no one else can make you happy, Ms. Krasnow said. Only you can do that.
"If we all left our marriages when they became unromantic, none of us would be married. The renewal has to spring from within."
If this generation is expecting to stay married, they have their work cut out for them. They need to start, Ms. Krasnow said, by lowering their expectations. "The march down the aisle is not a march to happiness."
Feminists have tried every which way to alienate the sexes and it's great to see how much they have failed. How completely their hate doctrine and propaganda did not work and how regardless their unrelenting efforts where they have not in any way made the sexes hate each other..

This is the most fun I have had in years. To witness the failure of feminism is just a bonus and to witness their rejection is just beyond words. Kinda makes my day..