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Here are three books you may be interested in reading from this site at Peacock Publishing..

Matters for Men  
John Ashfield
A resource book ISBN 1921008482
Matters for MenThis book offers accurate and practical information on many of the common physical and emotional problems that men will experience in their lives. It is a valuable volume for all — not just for men themselves, but for the families who care about them, and the professionals who work with them. It deserves to be on a bookshelf in every office, clinic and home in Australia, to further our understanding of the health risks for men, and more importantly, what to do about them.
This is valuable reading for both men and women. If you’ve got a concern, check it out!
At last, bite sized accessible information regarding men’s health. A great point of departure for men, who often find the health arena overwhelming. To the point, with key core facts and direction for further details and referral, thus providing a very useful bridging function.

The Nature of Men
Elements of Masculine Psychology
John Ashfield
A resource book ISBN 1921008032This book is essential reading for anyone interested in understanding and working more effectively with Men and Boys
Drawing from a wide range of research and a variety of disciplines, this book presents a compelling argument for rethinking many of the popular assumptions we have come to accept about men. For decades our understanding of male psychology and behaviour has been shaped by rigid gender ideology. This book departs from the politically correct status quo and proposes a refreshingly different view. The book also maps out a whole new agenda for the cultivation of manly character, and for assisting boys in their crucial transition from boyhood to manhood - from 'boy psychology' to 'man psychology'.
This is an invaluable resource for health and welfare professionals, educators, therapists and male mentors.
Published for Regional Health Services Program (Mid North, South Australia)

The Making of a Man
Reclaiming masculinity and manhood in the light of reason
John Ashfield
A resource book ISBN 1876087951A book that cuts through decades of nonsense written about gender and men 
Making sense of the issues of gender, masculinity and manhood, has for decades been bedevilled by rigid gender ideology. This book bravely departs from the status quo and proposes a refreshingly different view. Drawing from a number of major authors and different disciplines it crafts key findings into a compelling and coherent alternative perspective, complete with new definitions and suggestions for further enquiry.
Though offering a basic critique of anti-male feminism, it abstains from reactionism, and instead advocates a common standard of equity and respectful dialogue for both genders. The book challenges the moral legitimacy of attempts at social engineering and 'welfare' efforts that are not informed by the best available knowledge about what we are, how we think and feel, and why we behave in certain sex-specific ways.