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One of the few commentators in the Aus. media who doesn't stand for the feminist propaganda and the usual agitprop they mouth..

The point of the discussion (about 3/4 of the way through the broadcast) shows how feminists always claim that any criticism aimed at women is due to their sex, which is a total lie. They are criticised because they are liars, incompetent and should not hold the positions they do. Kirner, Gillard and Nixon are all feminists and they are just a pathetic lot of rent seeking scum whose only claim to fame is ensuring their income is sustained in any which way they can while demonstrating their inability to do the job at hand..

Andrew Bolt

Andrew Bolt
Andrew Bolt's columns appear in Melbourne's Herald Sun, Sydney's Daily Telegraph and Adelaide's Advertiser. He runs the most-read political blog in Australia and hosts Channel 10’s The Bolt Report each Sunday at 10am and 4.30pm. He appears on Melbourne’s MTR 1377 each weekday at 8am. His book 'Still Not Sorry' was released in 2006.
On our MTR 1377 show today:
- Former Victorian Premier Joan Kirner blames sexism for the criticism of Julia Gillard and Chrstine Nixon. She’s got to be kidding.