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American women have been really getting some stick, a serve, ok, one last attempt, a good rollicking about their behaviour, bad and obnoxious attitude, their over the top princess mentality, their special privileges and ofcourse those outlandish divorce court payments that usually include various amounts vaginamony all for no specific reason other than transferring money from men to the layabout..

So apart from demanding to behave like sluts, which they had been doing already for so long that it was passe, or having the vapours whenever riding in an elevator. One question must be asked about their mentality and their self deluded importance in society apart from just being a walking version of the humicrib. You also have to bare in mind ofcourse that these women are receiving their education on how to be a "woman" from the male haters themselves, who are educating them to behave directly opposite to what comes natural and hence we have some major screwed up females wandering about out there and they aren't worth knowing or worse still, loosing your career, your house or your life over..

I have this post called Top Ten Reasons Why American Women Suck...which I did on April 2007 and that post receives 150-170 hits per day, every single day. Also it has about 135 comments so there is plenty of fodder there if you want some light reading..

Now, who do you think would be pursuing that question and for what reason ?
Here is one explanation about American women..
 It doesn’t really matter if an American girl is kind of ugly and fat and stupid and mean if some poor slob will take her out and be too nice to her and buy her a bunch of shit in the faint hope that she will have sex with them. My heart always breaks when I’m out at the supermarket shopping for ingredients for another fabulous Cook to Bang recipe and I see some overweight, pizza-faced Jabba the Slut leading around some poor dude a couple steps behind her while she puts a bunch of Twinkies in the cart. Or when I see a poor bastard shelling out for an overpriced restaurant only to watch some mediocre girl spend the whole time on her Crackberry. Or when some loser marries a heifer who held sex over his head until she got some stupid worthless (but expensive) diamond ring. So guys, by putting up with this bullshit, we have earned what we have. 
Single Dude Travel is adamant on this issue: it doesn’t have to be this way. Don’t settle for mediocre American girls. Now before you get all pissed off at that absurd generalization, I will say that of course, America is a huge country with 300 million people in it, and there are plenty of good American girls out there. Some of our favorite girlfriends have been American, but they were the exception to the rule and not the norm. Your odds in America of finding a quality woman are bad these days and only getting worse.This is why we travel. There is another whole world out there of gorgeous, thin, super nice, brilliant, successful, motivated girls who would love to be with you, and we want to help you find them and live happily ever after. Or just tonight, your call. But you have to leave America. You have to travel. http://www.inmalafid...can-girls-suck/ 
That's from the "In mala fide" site and has a good post on precisely this topic and he is not too subtle about about being pissed off by American women. I found this next comment on the single man travel site when they covered a similar topic as well, which hits the same cord..
False Rape Claimant Michelle Carreiro..
I want to pass along a thought about the aforegoing blog. I am a professional consultant who has worked with literally thousands of women. What I have observed is scary stuff. American women fall very short in many ways. The list is manifold. They are very demanding about a man’s level of education but most of all his bankroll. The most important critarion to most of them is money; the demand which transcends all others. 
Most women who are physically attractive have an arrogant attitude, because the vast majority of American women are rather ugly, or overweight. Therefore, they believe they have a lot of leverage. Most women are insipid in their emotions and behavior. They always hold back in their feelings. The men then feel very lonely and rejected. While the women out there may complain about fat and uncaring men, they should know that a lot of this reaction on mens’ part is due to the shallowness of their female counterparts. Why should a man want to take care of himself when there is noboby to care for? 
I also know of a number of handsome, 6’2″ tall, educated, and financially secure men who are having a hard time finding a good woman. I must say one thing in the defense of the women out there: They are victims of the media and the campaigns out there to destroy our nation and its good moral practices. I refer to them as the TV mentality. This is one reason why I don’t listen to the radio or TV. I don’t read the papers. I practice great care in the magazines I read. When you watch a Hollywood movie, carefully observe how the men are treated. They are portrayed as whimps and losers who require that the women take control. Women just pick up on this brainwashing automatically. 
The best policy is to have compassion and understanding for these women. But the fact remains that we men are forced to look elsewhere for meaningful relationships; other countries. I for one am leaving for South America as soon as possible. The U.S. is too expensive and riddles with the infection of feminism and materialism. I care for and wish well to both men and women on this blog and in the U.S. We must cultivate an attitude of compassion and understanding towards all here. Lee
Sometimes I just walk and chew gum
Now if you were an American female and you just read the above comment, I would imagine that any one of them with an IQ level above shoe size would at least wonder why is there this prevailing sentiment about her own sex in the country she lives. Maybe give it some thought, wonder how she could improve the status quo. But no, if you were an egotistical, self absorbed and self promoted entitled princess, who was of the opinion that her body waste was odour free. How would you ensure that the above comments is one hundred percent correct..

Would you ensure that by saying..

youre as asshole charlie. im an american girl and maybe the reason you have problems with us is because we make you work for it too much. i guess youd rather have some 3rd world sluts that just want your money. do america a favor and just move somewhere else.

Game, set and fireplug's confession..