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Female Terrorist..

Another entry in the "Women are not violent" section that feminists living in denial about, they refuse to comprehend it as they keep their head in the sand by ignoring it, trying to blame one sex for it's existence..

Ah yes, the female terrorist with matching headband and sash will go very nice with the bombs she will strap to herself while she demonstrates to other humans just how caring and sharing she really is. Bugger the kids by the way. They can make it on their own..

Berlin Slutwalk..

Then ofcourse we have another one of those umpteen examples of the slutwalk. Misanthropes educating others on how to humiliate yourself in public and claiming it to have some merit. This one in Berlin, had to be even more garish and self debasing than any previous slutwalks. In the USA, (one in Portland Oregon) instigated by the local Gay and Lesbians group, demonstrated that being a slut was something new. The concept behind that protest was ofcourse to point out what slutting was all about, it was something they did not normally take part in (go to one of their parties and see the contradiction) and the local public were supposed to have some type of epiphany, raise their hands to their mouths and go into deep thinking mode concerning their protest, however, all they really did was wonder what drugs they were on and what level of stupidity does one have to possess to participate in such ridiculous behaviour..
So we had another one in Australia where they ranted and raged about the same delusional issues and then they went home, high fiving each other with a job well done, failing to realise that they did not stop just because the event was over. England was next, what can one say about English woman, most wanted them to put their clothes back on as the sight of too many frumps was just too much. The usually stoic English were dry reaching on the pavements..
So we get to Berlin, they were the latest so far and were required to really go all out and prove beyond doubt that they were really the real thing and they completed that task with alacrity.
I was wondering what a suitable first prize would be when they front up to the rostrum to collect it for best slutwalk ever. A giant dildo perhaps or in keeping with the theme, a replica of a vagina made from gold would probably be more suitable. No, the best trophy that I could think of would be a tattoo on the forehead of each participant, denoting "I am a Slut 2011", they would be so much more appropriate, they would be more than proud of that recognition and they could explain that to their cats and other animals they keep for company..