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A little change of topic and one that appears to be a very interesting one as it lists a plethora of different opinions and facts from around the world. This comprehensive coverage introduces arguments, stating for one and all that the whole approach towards AGW has been greatly exaggerated and also influenced by individual believe rather than clear, precise and verifiable scientific methods that should always leaves room for not only discussion, but disagreement. Allowing future adjustments, should further evidence arise to be contrary to the thesis or theory in question. Normally the scientific process is open to that procedure but apparently not applicable to the religious followers of AGW..

They had to be forced to demonstrate their theories, studies, papers or hypothesis, to demonstrate how and where they got their data, that effort is still being fought over in quite a few courts today as they resist to subject their data to exposure knowing that data would be questionable or very easily exposed to be irrelevant and their methodology questionable. All projections are generated by computer models which can be easily manipulated..

After watching this presentation one must ask the question as to how gullible were you to believe the AGW hysterics and once realising that maybe you were conned, will you change your thinking paradigm or continue in your ignorance..