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Now, you have a look at these females and you would automatically think, they look okay, they look nice and normal, there is nothing repulsive about them. You could and do meet them in the street, in a shop, on a train and even at meetings where you may have something in common to discuss on a specific issue..

Women you would meet on a daily basis..

Your automatic "white knight" response would immediately be protective of these women if you did not know what these women have in common, what matter of devious behaviour do these women indulge in and how many of them also have no issue with shagging and molesting under age children, in this case mostly boys. That's right, they are pedophiles, the female version which the main stream media just totally ignores as those writing articles on sexual abuse are only ever interested in the male version and just ignore this rampant and increasing lunacy that women indulge in and encourage in an ever increasing manner..

It goes against all our programming. Mothers are gentle and nurturing. They are the person a child runs to first when hurt or frightened. I love my mother, and I feel she did a pretty d*mn good job. However all mothers (no disrespect) are these tender nurturers like mine. Human beings regardless of gender posses the ability to commit disturbing acts. In this case sexual activities with minors. Lets take a look at these studies below.
  • The sexual abuse of children by women, primarily mothers, once thought to be so rare it could be ignored, constituted 25% (approximately 36 000 children) of the sexually abused victims. This statistic is thought to be underestimated due to the tendency of non-disclosure by victims. – (Source National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect)
Please take a look at this link and see the list of scumbag women who have abused and victimized our youth of today. And notice the slap on the wrist many of them get just because they are female. Men doing these same perverted crimes would be thrown under the jail. I say if you do the crime regardless of gender put the pieces of shit away and ruin their lives to the utmost.
For more information on this rare topic please visit with the latest updates on female sex offenders.
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