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Why women call in sick more than men is a complex workplace issue
It's not that time of month, No it isn't.
Want to know why it's a complex workplace issue ? It's because that comment was written by a female and thereby it has to be complex rather than it just being the case that women are slackarses and take sickies at will, but that would just not do. We cannot have people telling the truth as that would be politically incorrect as well as breaching the golden rule "Never criticise a woman", that rules supreme in the main stream media as if it was a registered and enacted law..

I have had a look at five different links (sites) on just this one topic and notice that ALL the women writing or commenting on this topic ensured that men were made to look negative and avoided the direct implication that women were not showing up for work as often as men were. They tried as hard as they could to paint men as being less capable as women to show up for work even though the heading stated that women showed up less for work than men do..

What a pathetic and desperate bunch of arseholes they really are. Instead of just stating the obvious and accepting it, they tried every way possible to put down males and promote women as the "superior". Really pathetic..

One article from the biased feminised MSNBC..
But she believes her male colleagues get a pass. “I must work much harder at my job than my male counterparts and continually prove my loyalty and commitment to my job precisely because I am a woman and mother,” she stresses.  “If I were a man, believe me, I would have a lot more latitude where my personal life vs. job is concerned.”
This is ofcourse the usual drivel one expects from feminists and their cronies as it must always be the case that women are such victims and spent most of their time moaning and bitching about it instead of getting on with the job at hand..
“Whenever it was an article about women’s absenteeism it was about gender. If it was about men and absenteeism, gender was not brought up,” he says.
Ofcourse it is and they have intentionally made that to be the case, they have made anything to do with privileged princesses an issue. It has been the case for as long as I can remember..

And some more male slanging here and here and here and this comment ..
According to Terence McMenamin, of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, even people who have no children at home, the reported absence rate is higher among women than among men. I am sure we are all guilty of playing hooky and using the sick card from time to time, but ladies, tell me: Do you make it a point to use all of your allotted sick time?
Just in case you were already making up excuses for their poor attendance..

Ah gee, all those years and spending all that time claiming that men were such wimps that they would be off work at the drop of a hat while the "strong" and "courageous" and "independent" woman soldiers on. They must now be completely embarrassed if they were capable, by their own wallowing in stupidity and ignorance but it demonstrates precisely how far those male-haters will go to generate lies and falsehoods against all men and boys and how solidly it is ensconced in those arrogant and wilfully ignorant females in this society and in the media..

This is what happens when you tell the truth..
 The head of the Employers & Manufacturers' Association has publicly apologised over comments he made on radio this morning about women's menstruation and its effect on workplace productivity.Alasdair Thompson, the chief executive officer of the EMA (Northern) and a member of the APEC Business Advisory Council, said he was amazed with the enormous response he'd had via email since making the comment that women get paid less than men because they take sick days 'once a month'.

It's like the Monty Python skit but instead it's "Don't mention the periods"..