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Around the world the "mothers" are still ensuring that they are at the top of the list as they have been for decades, for murdering children. This is the same sex that the family courts allocate the kids to in the "best possible outcome for children" which ofcourse is totally ignored as the those courts just follow feminist doctrine by eliminating as much as possible the position and the inclusion of Fathers in their lives..

City worker Fiona Donnison
'Get own way' 

"For someone with the narcissist personality disorder rejection is the ultimate insult.
"They just cannot understand why someone would want to reject them because they see themselves as special and they expect to always get their own way."
She was found guilty of murdering her two young children on Tuesday following a trial at Lewes Crown Court.
 In most cases they will find a way to excuse the murdering female by excepting some previous condition as malice, barbarism or downright hate is barely recognised whenever "moms" murders another one out of pure spite..

Infanticide a top crime for women, girls in Mali
Bamako, Mali -- Coumba came to Mali's capital in search of work - and pregnant outside wedlock. Fearful of her family's scorn, the 18-year-old did the unthinkable.
Her employer offered to take her to a hospital where she could give birth. She refused.
"When the time came for me to deliver I went to the toilet. Then the child went into the hole and that was the end of it," she said, speaking softly and looking down at the floor as she played with the hem of her skirt. She doesn't say whether the baby was a boy or a girl.
 Adopting the child out or just going to the hospital to demonstrate that it had at least some level or even a minutiae of decency was totally absent..

Judge won't cut sentence for woman who killed baby

Lawyer for Michele G.M. Kalina claims bias against her client
Kalina, I am a victim I tell you
A Berks County judge Tuesday denied a request from Michele G.M. Kalina's lawyer to reduce the sentence for the 44-year-old Reading woman who was implicated in the deaths of five of her infant children.
Judge Linda K.M. Ludgate refused to reduce Kalina's sentence of 20 to 40 years in state prison.
"This court showed obvious bias against the defendant by using inflammatory language about her crime, speaking of her treating the deceased infant like garbage," Assistant Public Defender Holly B. Feeney said of Ludgate's Aug. 4 sentence.
Yep, if all else fails, always go for the queen of "victimhood" angle and try that one on for size as it has worked so well getting them off in the past. Personally, it would have been a good time to re-introduce the ultimate sentence designed to remove murdering scum from the planet but we have gotten too "civilised" for that to happen. Good to see the pussy pass is reducing in it's value at last..

Woman kills minor daughter, self.
New Delhi, Aug 9 (PTI) A 35-year-old woman allegedly killed her minor daughter before committing suicide in the capital today, police said. The incident, which came to light around 7 AM, took place in Surajmal Vihar. Sangeeta was staying with her in-laws along with her children -- daughter Vrinda (5) and son Chetan (7). Her husband is an engineer in Rajasthan. Last night, she went to her bedroom with Vrinda, while Chetan was sleeping with his grandfather. The 7-year-old found her mother hanging and sister unconscious when he went to their room in the morning, the police said. Both were rushed to a nearby hospital where they were declared brought dead, they said, adding that no suicide note was found. 
These murders/court cases happened over the last 6 -8 weeks and they are spread around the world. One does have to wonder why they have to always take the kids with them. Why not go somewhere else and top yourself there instead of murdering the children as well. One day we may be able to understand it. Maybe one day they will actually produce some thesis on the subject that is actually true and factual instead of the usual feminised, politically correct drivel we have been getting for the last thirty years, maybe some day..