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I have posted about this in the past but feel inclined to make another as I was once again confronted by it's reality. Question number one is "Who is the bigger liar, Men or Women ? ", this was asked by Chris Rock on one of his performances. As you can already guess, the females in the audience, very loudly exclaimed that it were men (loudly ofcourse, what else would you expect). Chris Rock, much to the chagrin of all women present stated that it were women without doubt who tell the biggest lies and goes on to give appropriate examples as follows -

Women lie without saying anything..
You ain't that tall without those high heels..
Your boobies ain't that big without those pushup bras..
Your hair ain't that long without that weave..
Your face ain't that colour..
Question number 2 was bought to my attention by one of those witless female magazine who did another article on the fake boob mentality and showed about a dozen Hollywood and other Entertainment females who were cosmetically enhanced by silicone, saline or whatever else they are stuffing in there at this point in time..

So I thought that a quick check may be well overdue just to see how many out there were not what they appear to be and while we were at it, what else were they hyping up to change their appearance. The popular girlie mags rage about this all the time and mos of us do not bother reading that brain dead drivel so we need some input to gauge reality..
The agency esti­mates the number of women worldwide with breast implants is between 5 and 10 million.
Whoa, the actual total of women receiving fake tit enhancement is apparently fairly vague as the number appears to be just a guesstimate..
Even the FDA is unaware of the total. Interesting, as there must be a fair amount of surgeries not registered or not supplying that information..

In England the total is as follows, the latest I could find was back in 2008..

Delegates to the annual conference of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) were shown the results of the largest ever UK-study into breast augmentation surgery.
It found the number of procedures for breast enlargements carried out by its members had risen 275 per cent - from 2,361 operations in 2002 to 6,497 in 2007.

Pamela Anderson
So what could be a better indicator on what the total actually is if the feds can only guess at the amount. What would be a better indicator on the amount of implants installed in any given year and who would know, the manufacturers ofcourse..
Allergan's implant business expected to record about $300 million in sales for 2010. The market for breast implants—both cosmetic and reconstructive—is about $820 million worldwide and growing 8% a year, according to Wells Fargo analyst Larry Biegelsen.
It will get to the stage where the new game would be "guess the female with real boobs" !!..
And ofcourse we must not forget the ever growing list of "stars" who line up for boob jobs..

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Just to mention a few. For more have a look here and check to see if your favourite minx has been under the knife..

Well, there you go and I always thought that the guys were the purveyors of the mammary glands but that may have to be readjusted as the ulterior motivation may just be the ka-ching factor..

Chris Rock - "Whose the biggest liar"..