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We organised a protest against this shameless harpy a few months back which would have started the ball rolling and now she has added fuel to the fodder via her own short sighted stupidity by witness tapering. This should, if investigated, have her tossed off the bar and jailed if all things were done according to law. But bare in mind that it is a holder of a "v" and therefore does possess the automatic "get out of jail free pass". We will follow this episode with glee and ask you to use the addresses below to add weight to the protest..

Down the bottom of this post you will find a recommended letter that you can use to email to the people concerned..
Thank you in advance. Let Paul know on his site that the task was completed and join the throng..

August 20, 2011

Kellett steps in it, big time

As I reported on recently, Mary Kellett, the Ellsworth, Maine prosecutor notorious for pursuing flimsy cases, always against men accused of sexual or domestic assaults, has put her foot in it again.  Only this time it appears that her misstep has put her ankle deep in a bear trap.
A recap of the most recent case goes as follows.  Keovilaisack Sayasane, 44, was charged with threatening to harm his wife with a hammer in their home.  A problem for the prosecution in the case was that Sayasane’s wife was scheduled to testify for the defense.  As the only eyewitness and alleged victim in the case it could have proven to be an insurmountable obstacle to a conviction.
But the wife had a change of heart about testifying when she was told by Mary Kellett that Sayasane had been convicted of killing his first wife some 25 years earlier. The Bangor Daily News reports that when the judge in the case, Justice Kevin Cuddy, learned of this, he ultimately declared a mistrial, which ended the current proceedings against Sayasane, but allows the prosecution to retry the case.
Sayasane, however, had not killed his first wife. He was convicted of manslaughter in the 1987 stabbing death of a man in Hampden, Maine.
Court transcripts reveal that both defense attorney Jeffry Toothaker and Mary Kellett informed the court that they were both given the erroneous information on Saysane’s conviction by Deputy Attorney General William Stokes, head of the Attorney General’s Office’s criminal division. But Stokes has a strikingly different story. Namely that it never happened. 
This is Stoke’s version according to the Bangor Daily News:
“Stokes said he never provided any information to Kellett that indicated that the victim in the manslaughter case was Sayasane’s previous wife, or even that the victim was a woman. Stokes said he had no prior knowledge of the case before Kellett contacted him about it, and so had to go look up the information in case summaries that are kept on file at the Attorney General’s Office in Augusta.
The summary, Stokes said, indicates that the victim in the 1986 stabbing was a 21-year old man named Boudone Meuaneboutdy who was a friend of Sayasane’s. He said that is the information he forwarded to Kellett.
“Where the wife part came in, I have no knowledge,” Stokes said.
Now, assuming that Stokes is not lying, Mary Kellett has just been dropped into the fryer.  On the merits of his statement alone, two factors become abundantly clear.
  • Mary Kellett engaged in witness tampering by lying to the alleged victim in the case thus coercing her to withdraw exculpatory testimony.
  • Mary Kellett further perpetrated a fraud on the court by misleading the judge to believe that she had been furnished information from the state AG’s office, when in fact she had been furnished no such information.
There may well be other violations that become apparent as this case is investigated further.  But these two points of interest do serve as grounds for further complaints to the Overseers of the Bar in Maine, as well as to the office of Governor Paul LePage and the Office of the State Attorney General.
There is a pending bar complaint on Mary Kellett stemming from the Vladek Filler case that was filed by the National Coalition for Men. That complaint has been investigated and referred to the bar with the recommendation that sanctions against Kellett were warranted.
It was originally the position of AVfM that before a complaint was filed with the bar against Kellett for the Sayasane case that the Filler complaint would be allowed to come to conclusion.  These recent revelations by the state AG of Maine are grounds to revise that decision.
The time for action is now. 
On behalf of the people of the United States and in the interest of justice, AVfM will now proceed with a bar complaint against Mary Kellett for the willful fraud of a court of law and for witness tampering in a criminal proceeding.  We will also be sending letters of protest and pleas for justice to Governor LePage and to the Attorney General of Maine.
I am also going to call on readers of AVfM to assist with these vital actions as quickly as possible.  Please write Governor LePage and the State Attorney General and ask them why, after such demonstrated malfeasance on the part of a Maine state functionary, is she being allowed to continue prosecuting in Maine.
I am also writing Ellsworth District Attorney Carletta Bossano, Mary Kellett’s direct supervisor and the individual that holds the ultimate responsibility for actions that emanate from her office, to demand that Kellett be suspended from duties until her actions are thoroughly investigated. I ask all those interested in justice to do the same.
Finally, if you have a blog or website, no matter how large or small, I ask you to please help us go on the offensive against the Orwellian nightmare happening in Maine by posting this article, in its entirety to your site.  Facebook and twitter users, please do the same, and thank you all for helping us turn up the heat on an ongoing miscarriage of justice.
Remember, if we can just take one corrupt prosecutor out it will send reverberations throughout the system of feminist governance and will correct an absolute evil going in the state of Maine. Even the Bangor Daily News, previously hesitant to fully address this story, is now smelling blood.  Let’s finish this. Let’s FTSU, and I mean NOW. 
Contact Maine’s State Attorney General
Contact Governor Paul LePage
Contact District Attorney Carletta Bossano
The letter/email that you can use..
To whom it may concern ( or Name) 
I have been following the recent activities of Mary Kellett – assistant DA in Hancock County – and they confirm me in the belief that she is not fit for her post, or any post in a court save as defendant. How can the State of Maine permit such a lying, fact-twisting, witness-tampering, JUSTICE-tampering scoundrel to practice law?
Her evidence-hiding in the Vladek Filler case was egregious enough. But now, in the Keovilaisack Sayasane case, we learn that she told his wife – who was standing as a witness for his defense – that Sayasane had killed his previous wife. Kellett said she’d gotten this info from Deputy Attorney General William Stokes. But Mr. Stokes said he had told the attorney that Sayasane had been convicted of stabbing a 21-year-old man in the 1986 case.It seems obvious that Kellett wanted to turn Mr. Sayasane’s wife against him, so as to rack up another victory against “the Patriarchy” and slam another man behind bars.Kellett is an outrage. She has not merely “bent the law” to further her agenda; she has flouted any considerations of decency and professionalism that exist in the post of District Attorney. She has no place in the courtroom, save hopefully as a defendant.
Please pardon my bluntness, but I exhort you to get this one-woman travesty of justice out of the Maine justice system.