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As a matter of fact it may be better to avoid them at all costs as Universities via the feminised Obama Administration has ensured that if any male has sex with a female after they have even one drink, you will be charged by that University without legal representation or have any witnesses to attend the hearing. So much for the rights of the individual in America..

Treating women like children has always been the aim and goal of the feminist movement and they are edging closer to that goal every year..
To quote Marc Rudov, "If a woman has a few drinks and climbs behind the wheel of a car, she's responsible for what happens...if a woman has a few drinks and climbs on top of a man, she's not responsible."

Another feminist law installed to ensure that only men are victimised and women are the only victim..
The feds' mad assault on campus sex 
On campus today, if you hook up with your date (or even your wife) after she's had a few drinks, you're often automatically guilty of sexual assault.
In the real world, drinking doesn't necessarily destroy your freedom of choice. Many US colleges and universities, however, believe it renders you unable to consent to sex.
At Stanford University, "intoxicated" students can't consent to sexual contact. At Princeton, you need only be "under the influence" of alcohol to lose your ability to consent -- which surely makes many a student both the victim and perpetrator of sexual assault.
Ofcourse it will favour the female..
All of this has combined to create a perfect storm at Stanford, where the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (where I work) has been aiding a student found guilty of sexual misconduct for having sex with a female student while they both were intoxicated.
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