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Feminists have a hard time finding guys who want to date them,” a classmate in my Social Psychology class expressed this sentiment one day during a discussion on stereotype.
Gee, who would have thought that ?
Not Happening is it..
The argument about who pays for dates arose once again and it does appear to create a lot of discussion which flows either one or the other depending on whether or not you're a women or a feminist. I have been informed lately that women on dating sites go out of their way to state that they are not feminists which says a lot about that movement and how women do not support that hate movement but go out of their way to ensure that there is no doubt that anyone can misconstrue their non-allegiance. They must realise that any suggestion of being associated must be anathema for any female whenever any male is checking out their "look at me" rant page..

Paying for dates is a rather interesting argument as it appears that women as well as feminists (those strong and independent) types demand that men pay where even one feminist claimed that they should because she bothered to turn up which is sufficient excuse for the extortion demand. It would appear that women have gone through the imaginary lists of demands and picked out all the positives and just dropped any item where they would have their ego impinged which ofcourse would be the case if they have to part with any of their money. I suppose they look at it as parting with that new dress, shoes, make-up, massage, boob job, face lift or other nefarious requirements that women indulge in,  As those items or options would not be available if they decided to pay for their own food and Martini..

The hypocrisy is rampant and there for all to witness, they actually make the same income as you and in some cases even make more depending which city you live in. I did a recent post on the habits of women going to bars where they suck in guys to buy them a drink and just simply wander off once they achieve that act of thievery without so much as a backward glance and that is the same attitude women have when they demand you pay for them to free-load a meal and booze at your expense for no particular benefit coming back your way. The question must arise "what's in it for me" and don't tell me it's sparkling conversation or just turning up because that just ain't reason enough..

We have some incomprehensive comments from the feminasties who appear to be incapable of detecting their own hypocrisy or even their own stupidity, like this one..
All these men are plain cheap and I would feel bad for any woman that dates them. I have never paid for a first date...
There you go..
Manipulative, who me ?
This fairly typical response that appeared at the Seattle Post Intelligencer website: “Sorry ladies. In the age of PlayStation 3s, 24-hours-a-day sports channels, and free Internet porn, you are now obsolete. All that nagging, whining, and stealing our hard earned cash have finally caught up to you."
Even Hymowitz has a go at explaining the aversion..
Shocked? I wasn t. During the last few years researching this age group, I’ve stumbled onto a powerful underground current of male bitterness that has nothing to do with outsourcing, the Mancession, or any of the other issues we usually associate with contemporary male discontent. No, this is bitterness from guys who find the young women they might have hoped to hang out with entitled, dishonest, self-involved, slutty, manipulative, shallow, controlling—and did I mention gold-digging?
So there you go and it would appear that when they finally snare some sucker desperate enough to take them out to dinner, they demand he foots the bill even though she would probably have more cash in her pocket than he has..
What goes round comes round ladies. Your ever increasing demands and your compliance to the feminist hate movement has removed you from the heart of any perspective suitor. So rather than complaining about who pays for the meal maybe you should just order that take away in, again..